Courtnee Melton, PhD

Assistant Professor, Division of Health Systems Management and Policy

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Courtnee Melton, PhD

About Courtnee Melton-Fant

Courtnee Melton-Fant, PhD, MS, is an Assistant Professor in the Division of Health Systems Management and Policy. Before joining the University of Memphis, Dr. Melton-Fant worked for a state-level public policy research center providing information and analysis to policymakers, the media, and the general public.

Dr. Melton-Fant has experience conducting both academic and non-academic research ranging from clinical trials and health outcomes to analysis of state-level health care reforms for policymakers and advocacy groups. Her research interests include state- and local-level public policy, health outcomes, and racial health inequities. She is particularly interested in how broad-based public policies can be used as tools to improve the health of populations.


  • Ph.D. Health Outcomes and Policy Research, University of Tennessee Health Science Center
  • M.S. Human Movement Science, University of Memphis
  • B.S. Human Movement Science, University of Memphis

Research Interests

  • State and local public policy
  • Racial health inequities
  • Health outcomes

Selected Publications

  1. Melton-Fant, C. (2022), Health Equity and the Dynamism of Structural Racism and Public Policy. Milbank Quarterly., 100: 628-649.
  2. Melton-Fant, C. (in press) Childhood Adversity among Black Children: The Role of Supportive Neighborhoods. Children and Youth Services Review.
  3. Melton, C.E., Bailey, J., Holmes, G.N., Relyea, G., Graff, C., & Br
  4. Courtnee Melton-Fant, Austin Harrison, Katy Ramsey Mason. Race, mental health, and evictions filings in Memphis, TN, USA. Preventive Medicine Reports. Volume 26; 2022:101736. ISSN 2211-3355.
  5. Melton-Fant, C.E., (forthcoming) Howard, S., & Cao, X. Sex Differences in the Association between Local Government Spending and Mortality: Evidence from Tennessee. Southern Medical Journal.
  6. own, L. (2015). Mediators of the association between health literacy and asthma outcomes in African-American adults. International Journal Communication and Health.
  7. Coughlin, S. S., Matthews-Juarez, P., Juarez, P. D., Melton, C. E., & King, M. (2014). Opportunities to address lung cancer disparities among African Americans. Cancer medicine, 3(6), 1467-1476.
  8. Melton, C.E., Graff, C., Holmes, G.N., Brown, L., Bailey, J. (2014). Health literacy and asthma management among African-American adults: An interpretative phenomenological analysis. Journal of Asthma, 51(7), 703-713.

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