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Mentoring/ SPH MATCH (Meet Alumni To Enhance Career Horizons)

The University of Memphis School of Public Health has developed the program SPH MATCH, Meet Alumni To Enhance Career Horizons. The SPH MATCH program is designed to connect alumni to students and alumni to other alumni for mentoring opportunities.

Alumni mentors find mentoring to be a rewarding experience that offers a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction personally, professionally academically to your alma mater. Mentoring enhances leadership skills, promotes career growth and creates legacy building.

By leveraging the wisdom and connections of alumni mentors, students gain a competitive edge in the job market and are better equipped to achieve their career aspirations and develop relationships with other public health professionals. Alumni mentoring programs offer numerous benefits for both students and alumni, fostering personal and professional growth, networking opportunities, and community engagement.


SPH MATCH Chart showing titles: Alumni to student mentoring, Alumni to alumni mentoring, Peer mentoring circles, Guest lecturing, Participate in workshops, Connect with the community


The mentorship bond forged between alumni and students transcends academic boundaries, creating lasting relationships that enrich everyone involved in the program and contribute to the vibrant tapestry of the University of Memphis School of Public Health community.

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