Simranjit Khalsa

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Simranjit Khalsa


Simranjit Khalsa is an Assistant Professor of Sociology. Her academic interests are united by an effort to understand the role of religion in modern society, particularly for religious minorities.

Dr. Khalsa received her PhD from Rice University in 2020. Her dissertation research examines the intersection of religion with race, national belonging, and gender in the case of Sikhism. Specifically, she compares two Sikh communities, one of Indian Sikhs and another of primarily white converts to Sikhism, in two national contexts, the US and England. Dr Khalsa is currently developing a book manuscript based on this research. Other streams of her research look at religion and spirituality across national contexts, and religion and environmentalism. She primarily employs qualitative methods and a comparative lens to study these topics.

Dr. Khalsa's research can be found in Sociology of Religion, The Sociological Quarterly, Social Problems, Socius, Religions, and Environmental Politics. Her teaching interests include religion, race, immigration, religion and science, and urban inequality. She also values introducing students to the disciplinary lens of both sociology and religious studies in introductory courses of each discipline.