Course Fee

What is Course Fee Allocation?

Course Fee Allocation proposals should focus on requesting funds for equipment, guest artist fees, and travel costs for classes/workshops/intensives. Individual students (both undergraduate and graduate) may apply for funding towards internships, travel, significant workshops, and conferences that are education and supplemental to your academic studies. (For conferences that are already funded – TTA, ACDA, SETC, USITT, and NY Showcase – no proposal is needed).

Are you eligible for funding?

Current BFA majors (Dance, Performance, Musical Theatre, Design/Tech) and Graduate students of the Department of Theatre & Dance may apply!

It's easy!

Simply fill out the form below

Be sure to include how your proposal will enhance your education and what you will bring back to the department because of it. Lastly, make sure to provide an itemized budget: lodging (where, how much per night), flight (to, from, and cost from which website), gas or mileage, tuition/fee/registration, per diem. Each of these are mandated by the University of Memphis and you can get information on them here.

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