Don't let those techy-glitches get you down.

Technical Support is just a given in today's world. The more we rely on technology in our daily lives, the more likely we are going to run into techy-glitches. Contact Us 901.678.8888 (excluding posted holidays)

Please See the ITS Service Desk Hours Page

Location: Administration Bldg Room 100 
Email: umtech@memphis.edu

Service Requests
To request help, submit a service request online.

Important Announcement: Change in Password Reset Process

To enhance password security and protect University data, ITS will implement a change in its Password Reset service. Effective immediately, the ITS Service Desk (Tier 1) will no longer, administratively, change passwords. All UofM affiliates (faculty, staff, students, alumni, former students, etc.) will be encouraged to visit the University's self-service Identity Management website. Here, you can initialize your account. You can also: reset your password, retrieve your UUID, and answer your security questions to regain access to your account.

In addition, remember these important tips to ensure your data is secure:
• Never share your password with anyone. This includes a UofM employee, friend, or relative.
• Beware of phishing emails that attempt to lure you to malicious websites.
• Watch for email notifications about your password changing. If you did not change your password, please contact the Service Desk immediately.
• Never respond to an email request for your username and password or any other request to "verify" your account.

For more information about IT security, please visit the ITS security website.

Note: If you have recently changed your password, forget and re-add all UoM wireless networks on your all devices.