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Dr. Randall Bayer

About Dr. Bayer

  • Evolution of polyploid complexes using Antennaria (Asteraceae: Gnaphalieae) as a model group. I am especially interested in the use of molecular techniques to study genome evolution in young naturally occurring polyploid groups
  • Systematics, evolution, and phylogeny of the Asteraceae (sunflower family) with focus on the tribe Gnaphalieae. The Gnaphalieae (paper daisies or everlastings) are a group of sunflowers that have their greatest diversity in Australia, followed by Southern Africa and South America and are poorly represented in the northern hemisphere.
  • Phylogeny and Systematics of the orange subfamily Aurantioideae (Rutaceae), with special interest in determining the origins of the major Citrus cultivar groups using molecular cytogenetics and molecular markers.
  • Utilization of wild relatives of cultivated plants in plant breeding programs for crop improvement.
  • Forensic botany, especially the use of micromorphology and molecular techniques in crime solving.


Research Interests