Jan Hanousek Jr., Ph.D.

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FCBE 442
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Jan Hanousek


Jan Hanousek Jr. joined the University of Memphis as an assistant professor in 2023. He received a bachelor's degree (2018) in Mathematics with a major in Statistics from Charles University and master's degree (2019) in Applied Economics from CERGE-EI, before earning his doctorate (2022) in finance from the University of South Florida. His research interests include investor behavior, business groups, information asymmetry and insider trading.


(2022) First Place in Young Economist Award by the Czech Economic Society for a work titled “Social networks and strategic behavior: Case of Political Inside Information.” 


Research Publications

Bradley, D., Hanousek Jr, J., Jame, R., & Xiao, Z. (2023). Place Your Bets? The Value of Investment Research on Reddit’s Wallstreetbets. The Review of Financial Studies, 37(5), 1409-1459. https://doi.org/10.1093/rfs/hhad098.

Hanousek, J., Jo, H., Pantzalis, C., & Park, J. C. (2022). A Dilemma of Self-interest vs. Ethical Responsibilities in Political Insider Trading. Journal of Business Ethics, 1-31.

Aabo, T., Hanousek Jr, J., Pantzalis, C., & Park, J. C. (2023). CEO personality traits and corporate value implication of acquisitions. Journal of Empirical Finance.