Kelley Anderson 901.678.4645 Email Instructor
Jeff Black 901.678.3632 Email Assistant Professor
Allen Carrion 901.678.3883 Email Assistant Professor
Pankaj Jain 901.678.3810 Email Professor
Thomas McInish 901.678.3086 Email Professor;
Holder of the Chair Excellence in Finance
Napoleon Overton 901.678.3409 Email Instructor
Allison Potter 901.678.5925 Email Instructor
Sabatino (Dino) Silveri 901.678.3893 Email Associate Professor
Konstantin Sokolov 901.678.3345 Email Assistant Professor
Ronald W. Spahr 901.678.1747 Email Professor
Mark Sunderman 901.678.5142 Email Professor;
Holder of the Chair Excellence in Real Estate
Robert Wood   Email Professor Emeritus
Velma Zahirovic-Herbert   Email Professor;
Martha and Robert Fogelman Family Chair in Sustainable Real Estate
Frederick Dewald III   Email Visiting Assistant Professor