Legal Thought and Liberal Arts Minor

Interdisciplinary Studies Office

Legal Thought and Liberal Arts Minor

The minor in Legal Thought and Liberal Arts is designed to provide an interdisciplinary liberal arts program for students in any major who intend to enter the legal profession. The minor will be of particular benefit to pre-law students whose majors are more professional in nature and who are not exposed to the broader liberal arts curriculum. Students will be introduced to major intellectual traditions of the West and to ethical, social, and economic issues of significance to our time. The courses in the minor require that students read critically, think logically, and write clearly - attributes required of persons in the legal profession. Students wishing to minor in Legal Thought and Liberal Arts should contact the pre-professional advisor in room 107 Scates Hall.

The Minor: 18 semester hours of required courses and electives:

Required Core Course: PHIL 1611 and either ENGL 3604 or 4602.

Electives: Select one course from four of the following five groups (each course chosen must be from a different group):

Economic Context of the Law: ECON 2010, 2020, 3411, 4130.

Historical Context of the Law: HIST 3121, 4506, 3840.

Practical Foundations of Jurisprudence: CJUS 3510, 4521; POLS 3219, 4212, 4405, 4504.

Theoretical Foundations of Jurisprudence: PHIL 3411, 3511, 3514, 3516, 4551; POLS 3401, 3402, 3405; UNIV 3580.

Critical Reading and Thinking: any 4000-level English literature (ENGL 4230-4461) course, or ENGL 4602 (if not taken as the core), or any upper-division philosophy course not listed above.

NOTE: Some of these courses may have prerequisites. Students are responsible for obtaining permission from the instructor to enroll in the course if they have not fulfilled those prerequisites.