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We Pursue the Breakthrough

Catalytic thinking leads to life-changing impact.

Welcome to the FedEx Institute of Technology at the University of Memphis. We combine and optimize university, corporate and community resources to propel consequential research and high-impact innovation, the kind of work that ultimately produces new technologies, patentable intellectual property, and even exciting new commercial enterprises committed to making the future a better place. 


Where Hard Questions Become Hard Science

How can we use personal mobile sensors to improve global health? What new paths in artificial intelligence can lead us to better ways of learning? How can additive manufacturing improve national security? These and many other questions lead our researchers in their quests for something new, better and far-reaching. In short, we pursue the breakthrough.

The FedEx Institute of Technology supports unique interdisciplinary Research Clusters made up of faculty members from across campus and around the world who are dedicated to advancing the science of what’s next. Our researchers are focused on both the most pressing issues facing us today and the most exciting possibilities and opportunities that lie ahead. 

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Where Collaboration Becomes Innovation

Some experiments work well in a vacuum, but people rarely do. That’s why we create dynamic collaborative opportunities for business, research, education and innovation. Our UMRF Research Park has become a center for creative empowerment. The company we spun out, UMRF Ventures, provides a talent pipeline resource for companies, employment opportunities for students and, ultimately, a qualified pipeline of graduates for employers. And, our FRONTIERS initiative creates an avenue for corporate leaders to use our premier research resources and students to explore big ideas, overcome obstacles and create and bring impactful, sustainable technological solutions.

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Where Engagement Becomes Empowerment

The FedEx Institute of Technology brings experts from around the world together for lightning talks, hackathons, webinars and a wide variety of emerging tech training programs for business and industry. 

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Where New Technologies Become Breakthrough Products

The Office of Technology Transfer (OTT) within the FedEx Institute of Technology is charged with making the UofM’s technological achievements available to the private sector for the development of commercial products that improve how business is conducted, how customers are served, and how we all live. Partnering with Epicenter, the FedEx Institute of Technology has created a program designed to hire postdoc fellows to start businesses utilizing patented intellectual property, developed both in Memphis and across the United States, to turn great ideas into successful companies. Our Patents2Products program offers these post-doc entrepreneurs a two year funded position, patented intellectual property and all the tools necessary to launch successful start-ups. 

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A Tennessee Flagship Carnegie R1 Research Institution.



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