FedEx Institute of Technology Makes Huge Push into Next Generation Supply Chain Research Ecosystem.

The University of Memphis FedEx of Technology has awarded eight teams of UofM-led researchers and industry collaborators who are advancing the next generation of supply chain technologies. The teams represent a diversity of topics and concerns nationally, with projects ranging from chips and semiconductor supply chain to artificial intelligence applications. These projects, represent a new frontier in the role Memphis plays in the national supply chain conversation.

Winning Proposals: 

  • Xiaolei Huang, Computer Science: Empowering Intelligent Navigation and Communication: Enhancing Supply Chain Efficiency with Large Language Models
  • Bentuo Zheng, Mathematical Sciences: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Solutions for Supply Chain Risk Management: A Data-Driven Approach
  • Susana Jaramillo, Marketing and Supply Chain Management: Developing Biodiversity Credit Platform to Manage Supply Chain for Ag-based Biodiversity Credits: A Market-based Incentive Structure to Encourage Farmer Adoption of Conservation Practices that Restore Biodiversity, Soil Health, and Ecosystem Resilience
  • Leigh Boardman, Biological Sciences: Using Insect Physiology to Optimize Biosecurity Risk in Cold Treated Commodities
  • Firouzeh Sabri, Physics and Materials Science: Improved Packaging Solution for Supercapacitor Distribution and Logistics
  • Huigang Liang, Management Information Systems: Fortifying Frontiers: The Dual Impact of AI Investments on Supply Chain Resilience and Data Security
  • Yafang Li, Management Information Systems: Enhancing Machine Learning in Supply Chain Demand Forecasting Through Change Point Analysis
  • Joanna Golden, School of Accountancy: Can Corporate Supply Chain Benefit from Data Breach Disclosure Laws



Who We Are 

Welcome to the FedEx Institute of Technology (FIT) at the University of Memphis. We combine and optimize university, corporate and community resources to propel consequential research and high-impact innovation, the kind of work that ultimately produces state-of-the-art technologies, patentable intellectual property, and even exciting new commercial enterprises committed to making the future a better place. Learn more about us and what we do. 


Emerging Technology 

The FedEx Institute of Technology focuses on emerging technology innovation in the Mid-South. As a hub for advanced research, FIT is at the forefront of guiding the future of workforce development and highlighting new and exciting technology. It not only spearheads the campus in cutting-edge research initiatives but also acts as a catalyst for generating new ideas, launching startups, and developing novel resources both on campus and off that benefits students, faculty, staff, and the community at large. In this role, FedEx support plays a pivotal role in shaping the technological landscape and fostering innovation within the region through the FIT. Gain insight into the innovations we support. 


Applied Research 

The FedEx Institute of Technology supports unique interdisciplinary research clusters made up of faculty members from across campus and around the world who are dedicated to advancing the science of what’s next. Our researchers are focused on both the most pressing issues facing us today and the most exciting possibilities and opportunities that lie ahead. Discover more about the research we support and the impact it is making around the world. 


Training & Events 

The FedEx Institute of Technology brings experts from around the world together for lightning talks, hackathons, webinars, and a wide variety of rising training programs for business and industry. See how our emerging tech training can improve your business or view the list of upcoming events happening at FIT. 


Partner With Us 

Some experiments work well in a vacuum, but people rarely do. That is why we create dynamic collaborative opportunities for business, research, education, and innovation. Our UMRF Research Park has become a center for creative empowerment. The company we spun out, UMRF Ventures, provides a talent pipeline resource for companies, employment opportunities for students and, ultimately, a qualified pipeline of graduates for employers. And our FRONTIERS initiative creates an avenue for corporate leaders to use our premier research resources and students to explore big ideas, overcome obstacles and create and bring impactful, sustainable technological solutions. Learn more about how to get involved and drive Innovation. 


Office of Technology Transfer 

The Office of Technology Transfer (OTT) within the FedEx Institute of Technology is charged with making the UofM’s technological achievements available to the private sector for the development of commercial products that improve how business is conducted, how customers are served, and how we all live. Partnering with Epicenter, the FedEx Institute of Technology has created a program designed to hire postdoc fellows to start businesses utilizing patented intellectual property, developed both in Memphis and across the United States, to turn great ideas into successful companies. Our Patents2Products program offers these post-doc entrepreneurs a two-year funded position, patented intellectual property and all the tools necessary to launch successful start-ups. Learn more about the Office of Technology Transfer 


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