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2020 Nobel Prize in Physics: Connection to UofM Physics and Materials Science Department




Applied Research Arm: Division of Research + Innovation

What's next? It's a question we ask ourselves at the Institute every single day. As the applied research arm of the University, our mission is to continually push Memphis towards a future where our city is seen as an international center of technology innovation. We can't do this alone. Through our community and corporate partners, researchers and students, and all the people who make this city great, we are forging a new path. If you're not involved yet, you should be. Contact us at fedex@memphis.edu.


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Enterprise-Wide Workforce Solutions + Emerging Technologies

The FedEx Institute of Technology has an extensive portfolio of technology training designed to take your workforce to the next level. CLICK HERE for more information.


PATENTS2PRODUCTS: Deep Science Entrepreneur Postdoc Fellowships

The University of Memphis and Epicenter have partnered to create a program designed to hire postdoc fellows to start businesses utilizing patented intellectual property, developed both in Memphis and across the United States, to turn great ideas into successful companies. The Patents2Products (P2P) program creates a two-year funded position for research entrepreneurs and provides them with necessary tools for launching a successful startup. To learn more or to submit an inquiry, visit the P2P website.



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