Meng Li

Assistant Professor

Office Hours


Meng Li is an assistant professor at the Crews School of Accountancy (CSOA). She received her Ph.D. in Accounting from University of Chicago in 2012. Before she joined CSOA in 2021, she was an assistant professor of accounting at University of Texas at Dallas for nine years. Her primary research interest is in financial accounting with focuses on two areas: (1) the roles played by non-CEO executives and rank-and-file employees in corporate decisions; (2) corporate voluntary disclosure. Her primary teaching interests include financial accounting, managerial accounting, and data analytics.


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  • “Directors’ Informational Role in Corporate Voluntary Disclosure: An Analysis of Directors from Related Industries” with Ruihao Ke and Yuan Zhang, 2020, Contemporary Accounting Research 37(1): 392-418. 

  • “Moral Hazard and Internal Discipline: Theory and Evidence” Solo-authored, 2019, The Accounting Review 94(4): 365-400. 

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  • “Is Japan Really a ‘Buy’? The Corporate Governance, Cash Holdings, and Economic Performance of Japanese Companies” with Kazuo Kato and Douglas Skinner, 2017, Journal of Business Finance & Accounting 44(3-4): 480-523.