School of Accountancy

Philip Babin 901.678.1503 Email Instructor
Joshua Coyne 901.678.2467 Email Assistant Professor
Damon Fleming 901.678.3633 Email Dean, Professor
Joanna Golden 901.678.4422 Email Assistant Professor
Rita Green 901.678.3414 Email Instructor
Kevin Kim 901.678.2466 Email Assistant Professor
Kenneth Lambert 901.675.5762 Email Professor
Steve Lin 901.678.4785 Email Professor;
James T. Thompson Chair for Excellence in Accounting Education;
PhD Coordinator
James Lukawitz 901.678.3030 Email Associate Professor
John Malloy 901.678.5326 Email Professor
Peter McMickle 901.678.4567 Email Professor
Larry Moore 901.678.4624 Email Professor
Jeffrey Nevels 901.678.1452 Email Instructor
Nirmalee Ivy Raddatz 901.678.4252 Email Assistant Professor
Zabihollah Rezaee 901.678.4652 Email Professor;
Thompson-Hill Chair of Excellence
Hannah Smith 901.678.4569 Email Assistant Professor
Kate Sorensen 901.678.4327 Email Assistant Professor
David Spiceland   Email Professor Emeritus
Kenton Walker 901.678.4569 Email Professor;
Director of School of Accountancy
Joseph Zhang 901.678.4989 Email Associate Professor