Crews School of Accountancy Ph.D. Students

Youija Xu
yxu3@memphis.edu | LinkedIn 
Areas of Research: Disclosures, Earnings Management and Information Asymmetry


Kehinde Mayokun Ogunade
kehinde.ogunade@memphis.edu | LinkedIn | Google Scholar
Areas of Research:  
Auditing, Corporate Governance and Fraud
Teaching Interests:  Financial Accounting, Management Accounting, Fraud and Auditing

Yaqing Zhang
Yaqing Zhang

Y.Zhang@memphis.edu | LinkedIn
Areas of Research: Auditing and Financial Accounting 

Lindong Cui
Lidong Cui

lcui2@memphis.edu | LinkedIn
Areas of Research: Analysts Forecast, Economic Impact on Regulation Changes, Earnings Management


Sohee Kim
skim25@memphis.edu | LinkedIn
Areas of Research: Financial Accounting, Accounting Disclosures, ESG

Darsheika Larose Williams

Darsheika Williams
dwllms32@memphis.edu | LinkedIn
Areas of Research: Financial Accounting & Statement Analysis, Managerial Accounting