Dr. Phil Kunz, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor & CPA

FCBE 240
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Phil Kunz


Crews School of Accountancy Ph.D. and Curriculum Committee


Working Papers

“Do Stock Prices Influence Corporate Tax Behavior?” (dissertation) 

Can Analysts Anticipate Tax-Related Earnings Management?” with Stevanie Neuman  

Persistence and the Cross-section of Corporate Effective Tax Rates” with Inder Khurana 

“The Persistence of Firm Disclosure Policy: Evidence from Management Earnings Forecasts” with Inder Khurana and Wenye Tang 

“Moderating Effects of Business Sustainability on the Economic Consequences of the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act” with Zabi Rezaee  

“Multijurisdictional Taxes and Baseball” with Ryan Dunn and Kerry Inger 

“What Does the Volatility of Unrecognized Tax Benefits Signal about Firms’ Tax Positions?” with Stevanie Neuman and Jane Song 


Research in Progress

“Effects of Auditor CAM Reports on IRS Scrutiny” with Stevanie Neuman and Hannah Smith 

The Influence of Fraud on Bond Yield and Implicit Taxes: Evidence from Municipal Bond Issuances” with Lidong Cui and Hannah Smith 



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