Omar Skalli, Ph.D.

Omar Skalli, Ph.D.

Professor, Director, Integrated Microscopy Center

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Life Sciences 103
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Research Interests:

  • Cytoskeleton, with an emphasis on intermediate filaments and their interaction with actin filaments. We are especially interested in intermediate filament protein synemin and its binding to the actin filament bundling protein a-actinin.

  • Role of intermediate filaments in the motility of astrocytoma of cells. Astrocytoma cells express four intermediate filament proteins, including vimentin, nestin, GFAP, and synemin. We are examining the respective contributions of these proteins to the motility of astrocytoma cells as well as the mechanisms involved.

  • Involvement of intermediate filament proteins, and of synemin in particular, in P13K/Akt signaling.

  • Functional differences between a-actinin 1 and 4, two a-actinin isoforms differently regulated during brain development and critical for the motility and proliferation of normal and malignant neural cells.