Ashley Craig

Adjunct Faculty

300 Meeman Journalism Building
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Prof. Ashley Craig


B.S. Journalism, West Virginia University


About Prof. Ashley Craig

Ashley Craig wanted to tell you only that she was born a poor Black child in 1985 and that she currently lives in her own heart, gentle reader, but the higher-ups at the University of Memphis demanded more information and, sullenly, she provides. 

Prof. Craig is the night editor at the Charleston Gazette-Mail in Charleston, West Virginia. She is a native of Charleston and attended West Virginia University where she earned a bachelor of science degree in journalism with a concentration in news-editorial. She started as a freelance writer at the Charleston Daily Mail in the summer of 2008 and quickly moved into an internship and then a full-time role as the paper’s public safety reporter. She was on that beat for seven years before moving to the city desk as the assistant city editor, a title she maintained when the Daily Mail merged with the Charleston Gazette, its across-the-hall rival, to form the Gazette-Mail. 

Ashley started as an adjunct professor with the University of Memphis in the spring 2020 semester, which went pretty normal by her standards. She began her graduate studies at the University of Memphis in spring 2021 and is continuing in her quest to become a master of the univers--ity. A master’s degree. She’s getting a master’s degree.  

Prof. Craig is a volunteer with the Black Girl Hockey Club, which started as a group of Black women who wanted to watch ice hockey games together and has grown into an international nonprofit aimed at promoting anti-racism, increasing diversity and inclusivity at all levels of the sport, raising money for Black girls to play the game, and being loud at hockey games. She is a longtime fan of the Pittsburgh Penguins and apparently the Seattle Kraken hockey clubs.  

Prof. Craig is also an avid reader and lover of movies and music.