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Interior Design

Department of Architecture

Interior Design (B.F.A.)

The Department of Architecture consists of the Architecture Program and the Interior Design Program. The mission of the Department of Architecture is to prepare graduates to enter the professional practice of architecture and interior design and to serve the Memphis and Mid-South region through research, engaged scholarship, interdisciplinary collaboration, and creative expression that contributes to sustainable, stable communities and enhances the quality of life for all citizens.

The goals and objectives of the Department are as follows: to provide the highest quality professional education through a well-rounded discovery-based curriculum in both the art and science of design with emphasis on processes, professional standards, and the practical application of design and technology; to provide research opportunities for faculty and students with emphasis on “hands on” multi-disciplinary projects through which students gain valuable professional experience while providing services to the citizens of the region; and to expand opportunities for Architecture and Interior Design students by bringing them together with faculty and students in the City Planning, Real Estate Development, and other programs to address public issues, support stable and sustainable neighborhoods, and develop community visions throughout the region.

The Bachelor of Fine Arts with a major in Interior Design is a professional degree and is fully accredited by the Council for Interior Design Accreditation (CIDA).

NOTE: Before enrolling in any Architecture or Interior Design course, all applicants seeking admission to the B.F.A. with a major in Interior design must complete and submit to the Department of Architecture an application form, a writing assignment, and a portfolio of five representative works. These three components comprise the Incoming Evaluation for Interior Design and will be reviewed by a faculty committee. Applicants are accepted on the basis of potential in the field of interior design. After review, the department notifies the student of one of the following: (1) acceptance, (2) one semester acceptance on a probationary basis, (3) recommendation to correct the deficiencies and reapply, or (4) denial of admission. Permission to enroll in any Architecture or Interior Design courses for which a permit is required beyond first semester, first year is based upon this review. Contact the Department of Architecture for details and deadline.

Students transferring from another major or another institution who intend to pursue a B.F.A. degree with a major in Interior Design must complete the Department of Architecture Incoming Evaluation prior to enrolling in Architecture or Interior Design courses. Transfer students seeking advanced standing in the Interior Design major should submit a portfolio of work representing previously completed Interior Design studio work. The review committee will determine if the portfolio work in equivalent to comparable courses at the University of Memphis. Placement in the major is dependent upon the review. Even if admitted to advanced standing, the student may be required to remedy previous course deficiencies.

A. University General Education Program (41 hours). See Graduation from the University for the University General Education Program requirements. Note: the following are specified by the department for this program: Social/Behavioral Sciences: ANTH 1200 and SOCI 1010; Natural Science: ESCI 1010, 1020, or 1040 plus lab; Humanities: ARTH 2010 and 2020; History: HIST 1110 and 1120; Mathematics: MATH 1710.

B. The Major (79 hours)

1. Major Foundations Core (30 hours)
ARCH 1111, 1112, 1113, 1120, 1211, 2212, 2611, IDES 1110, 2470, 2711.

2. The Major
Entrance - Completion of Major Foundations Core (30 hours)

Candidacy Review and Portfolio Requirements - a Candidacy Review is required of all students intending to major in Interior Design. Admission to the University of Memphis and completion of the major core do not guarantee placement in the program. Admission is selective and is based on a portfolio evaluation reflecting professional standards and expectations of the major. A portfolio that includes but is not limited to works from the major core courses is required as part of the application. Guidelines and application forms for admission for the Interior Design major are available in the department office. Consultation with a faculty advisor is recommended before or during portfolio preparation. Students may submit portfolios for review no earlier than the semester that Candidacy requirements are being completed.

Transfer students must meet entrance requirements of the major. After review, the department notifies the student of one of the following: (1) acceptance, (2) one semester acceptance on a probationary basis, (3) recommendation to correct the deficiencies and reapply, or (4) denial of admission. Permission to enroll in any 3000-4000 level Architecture or Interior Design course is based upon this review.

3. Completion of Major (46 hours) - ARCH 2612, 3421, 3613, 4421, 4441, IDES 2411, 2712, 3213, 3221, 3430, 3442, 3711, 3713, 3712, 3714, 4430, 4713, 4715, 4714, 4716.[SLB(1]  [SLB(1]ARCH 2612, 3421, 4421, 4441, IDES 2411, 2712, 3213, 3221, 3430, 3713, 3714, 4715, 4716.

C. Electives (3 hours)
Architecture, Interior Design, or approved open electives complete the 79 semester hours of course work. See advisor for details.

Typical 4-Year Interior Design Sequence

Freshman Year

ARCH 1111 3 ARCH 1112 3
ARCH 1120 3 ARCH 1113 3
IDES 1110 3 ARCH 1211 3
ANTH 1200 3 ENGL 1020 3
ENGL 1010 3 HIST 1120 3
HIST 1110 3 Elective  3
Semester Totals 18 hrs   18 hrs

Sophomore Year

ARCH 2212 3 ARCH 2612 3
ARCH 2611 3 IDES 2411 3
IDES 2711 3 IDES 2712 3
IDES 2470 3 COMM 2381 3
ARTH 2010 3 ARTH 2020 3
Semester Totals 15 hrs   15 hrs

Junior Year

ARCH 3421 3 IDES 3221 3
IDES 3213 3 IDES 3430 3
IDES 3442 3 IDES 3712 4
IDES 3711 4 ENGL 2201 or 2202 3
Semester Totals 13 hrs   13 hrs

Senior Year

IDES 4430 3 IDES 4714 4
IDES 4713 4 ARCH 4421 3
SOCI 1010 3 ESCI 1010 or 1020 or 1040** 4
Natural Science** 4 ARCH/IDES elective 3
Semester Totals 14 hrs   14 hrs

Hours Required for Graduation: 120
*Must satisfy University General Education Program Requirement.                                                                               **Natural **Science (8 Credit hours required): ESCI 1010, 1020, 1040 (Must take 2 of these 3)

D. Architecture Honors
The Department of Architecture Honors Program provides an opportunity for selected Architecture and Interior Design students to enrich their learning experience through honors courses, independent study, a senior thesis, and extracurricular learning experiences. The Honors Program requires a minimum of 15 semester hours of honors work in courses within the Department of Architecture. Students who complete the appropriate degree program with a 3.25 cumulative grade point average will earn a degree that includes the distinction "Honors in Architecture." Moreover, the diploma and record at the University of Memphis will reflect this accomplishment. Please contact the Department of Architecture honors coordinator for more detailed information.