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About Dr. Hsueh

A developmental researcher, Yeh Hsueh maintains a long-time agenda to study young children’s and their teachers’ development, change of preschool as a social institution, and child rearing practice in the changing society. He has studied preschool education in three cultures: China, Japan, and the United States, children’s learning and development in the digital age, and preschool teachers’ knowledge and professional life. These studies recaptured his early fascination with the history of science and the history of developmental psychology. Recently, a focus of his research is on the mushrooming and transformation of Chinese rural preschools in the rapid townization amidst the remarkable momentum of poverty eradication. This focus is an extension of his earlier work in the development of the US developmental psychology as a part of a second psychology, and a recent realization of China’s local education reform in the context of regional, national, and world history. For two decades, this line of research intersects his involvement with Sesame Street’s outreach effort to extend the “longest street”—its educational ideal and practice—into China. This international engagement also helps him reframe the current study of Chinese rural preschools in the context of the mainstream knowledge production as highlighted by the globalization-induced cultural changes.


Ed.D. Education - Harvard University - 1997
Ed.M. Human Development - Harvard University - 1989
B.A English and Literature - Beijing Institute of Aeronautics & Astronautics - 1982