Welcome Future Student

Prospective students must apply directly to the Graduate School; however, many academic units have separate departmental applications, different application deadlines and/or additional requirements for admission. Refer to program descriptions in the Graduate Catalog for more information on requirements. There are also additional admission requirements for international students

Applications are available for on-line submission at https://banssbprod.memphis.edu/pls/PROD/bwskalog.p_disploginnew?in_id=&cpbl=&newid=. A non-refundable application and processing fee of thirty-five dollars U.S. (U.S. $35.00) is required of every applicant. If the program to which you are applying requires letters of recommendation, have them sent directly to the department. Some departments may also require other material such a statement of professional goals. Be sure to check with them.

Advisors for graduate students are typically department based. Often, departments will assign advisors to students upon admission based on areas of interest. After students have matriculated and enrolled in coursework under various faculty members, students may select a different advisor. To inquire about your academic advisor, please contact the office of the graduate coordinator or department chair for your program.

General Degree Information