University of Memphis Graduate School: Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply to the UofM graduate school?

Apply to the UofM Graduate School starting an application that corresponds with your program of interest:


What graduate programs do you offer?

The University of Memphis offers over 120 masters, doctoral and graduate certificate programs. Please visit our graduate degree programs for more information.

When is the deadline to submit my application?

General Graduate School priority deadlines can be found here https://www.memphis.edu/graduateadmissions/international/timeframe.php.

All students, especially US citizens, should check with the academic department for specific application deadline information. The contact information for department coordinators and program websites that house specific deadlines can be found in the Graduate School directory. In most instances, this can be located on the program’s webpage. 

For international students, who need additional time for immigration processes, please make sure you apply at least one month ahead of the departmental deadline.  

What are the requirements for admission?

General requirements can be found on our “Minimum Admissions Requirements” page.   Additional requirements vary by program. Applicant information for each program can be found in the Graduate School Directory. Please contact your program of interest for program specific information.

 Some of our more popular programs and their admission requirements are:

What does the graduate admission process consist of?

Our “Admissions Procedures” page is a great resource. It outlines the 7 steps for applying and the documents needed. 

What is the cost of attendance?

For more information, please visit our Cost + Aid page where you will also find our “Cost of Attendance Estimator

What standardized tests are required?

Some programs require standardized tests such as the GRE or GMAT.  Please check with your program of interest.

I already have a master’s degree; do I have to take the GRE?

Check with your program first to make sure that they require the GRE.

What is the University of Memphis Institution Code for the GRE and GMAT?

You will need to provide the University of Memphis institution code of R 1459 for the GRE & 1748 for the GMAT in order for your scores to be reported to the university. 

Can I apply to more than one program in the same term?

Yes, once you complete an application, log back into your student portal and scroll down to the bottom of the page and click “start a new application.”  

If you are applying to multiple programs, please log into your portal, and submit an application to that program. https://apply.memphis.edu/portal/graduate_application. If you have previously paid the fee answer “yes” to the questions that ask if you have paid the fee before, and our office will waive it for you.

How can I check the status of my application?

Navigate to your Graduate Status Portal to monitor the status of your application and upload materials. If you have questions regarding your status, please contact your program. Your Graduate Coordinator’s contact information is in your Graduate Status Portal on the right side of the page.

 A list of program contacts can be found at;  https://www.memphis.edu/gradschool/contact/directory.php.

How will I be notified when a decision has been made?

You will receive an email status update to check your portal. To view your Decision Letter please navigate to your Graduate Status Portal, then click on the words “View your Decision Here.” Make sure you also view your Enrollment Checklist by clicking the Next Steps to Enroll tab.

How do I apply for graduate assistantships?

Graduate teaching and research assistantships are offered in some departments and units on campus on a competitive basis.  The graduate school does not administer these positions. You must reach out to the department or unit to receive information. 

General information can be found here.

When can I apply for scholarships and/or financial aid?

A list of Graduate School Awards/fellowships are listed here. Students must be nominated by their departments or colleges and enrolled in classes for a future term to be eligible for awards and fellowships.

General information about Financial Aid can be found here https://www.memphis.edu/financialaid/faq.php.

For information on the international merit scholarships please see here:

Although I was not offered admission, I plan to reapply sometime in the future. How long will you retain my prior application and credentials? 

Application materials are kept for 1 year.  Check with your program to make sure you do not need to submit updated admission requirements and materials.

What does the readmission process look like?

To submit an application for readmission to a program to which you have previously admitted and enrolled in, please apply here.  Fill out the background information and select "Readmission" on the application type page. 

Students are only eligible for readmission if they have been accepted and attended classes in a program.

Students applying to change programs will need to select the Degree Seeking option from the dropdown in the application type section.