Cost + Aid

Our programs are award-winning, accredited and affordable. Finances shouldn't stand in the way of you achieving your dreams. That's why we offer an array of scholarships and graduate assistantships. UofM has a tuition cap for graduate resident students, which means all credit hours above 10 will be offered at no additional tuition charge (with the exception of related course fees).

Cost of Attendance Estimator Estimate your tuition and other associated fees including housing and meals.
Financial Aid Learn more about funding and financial aid for graduate students.
Scholarships Graduate students can apply for competitive scholarships in Tiger Scholarship Manager. Contact the Scholarship Office for more information.
Graduate Assistantships Graduate teaching and research assistantships are available in most of the academic areas, requiring 3-20 hours of service per week. Learn more about responsibilities and opportunities.
Fellowships and Awards While some awards require a nomination by a college/department, there are opportunities available for which you can apply.
Federal Assistance Opportunities Explore external funding resources including FAFSA, federal tax benefits for students, opportunities for women and minorities and more.
Veterans Educational Benefits & Certification Veterans, learn more about utilizing your educational benefits.