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Firouzeh Sabri


Dr. Sabri is an experimental materials physicist with a focus on synthesis, characterization, and understanding of bulk and surface properties of nanomaterials including aerogels. Currently, materials that are being studied by her group include elastomeric materials as well as mesoporous materials such as aerogels. She has recently been working on the design, synthesis and characterization of a RTV-aerogel compound material for cryogenic tank material applications for space exploration.

Additionally, she has been studying the effect of environmental conditions (e.g. in vivo, in vitro, ambient) on properties of aerogels and how crosslinked aerogels can be further developed for biomedical applications to serve as a "Smart" implant.

Dr. Sabri uses a variety of characterization techniques to understand bulk and surface properties of neat, doped, and compound materials.

Dr. Sabri is also the founder and current director of the MemphisCRESH summer internship program for the College of Arts and Sciences (

Dr. Sabri is the recipient of the 2008 APS Hildred Blewett award

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