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Eric Groenendyk

About Eric Groenendyk

Professor Groenendyk joined the Department of Political Science in 2009. He teaches courses on American Government, Public Opinion, Political Behavior, Parties and Elections, Statistics, and Research Methods. His research examines the motivations that underlie citizens' political behavior. This has led him to do work on party identification, emotions, and motivated reasoning. His book, Competing Motives in the Partisan Mind, received Honorable Mention for the Robert E. Lane Award in 2014.

Research Interests

American Politics, Political Behavior, Public Opinion, Political Psychology, Party identification, Political Parties, Emotion in Politics, Motivated Reasoning, Research Methods


Ph.D., University of Michigan, 2009; B.A., with Highest Honors in Communication Studies and Political Science, University of Michigan, 2001.


Groenendyk, Eric W. "Of Two Minds, But One Heart: A Good "Gut" Feeling Moderates the Effect of Ambivalence on Attitude Formation and Turnout." Forthcoming in the American Journal of Political Science.

Groenendyk, Eric. (2018). "Competing Motives in a Partisan Electorate: Political Responsiveness, Identity Defensiveness, and the Rise of Partisan Antipathy" Advances in Political Psychology 39(S1): 159-171.

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Associate Professor in Department of Political Science, University of Memphis (Fall 2015 to present); Assistant Professor in Department of Political Science, University of Memphis (Fall 2009 to Summer 2015); Graduate Recruitment Coordinator for Department of Political Science, University of Memphis (Fall 2009 to present).