Awards and Kudos

Several faculty members and students in the Political Science department have recently received awards. We congratulate all of the following on their accomplishments.

  • Dr. Sharon Stanley – 2016 University of Memphis Alumni Association Distinguished Teaching Award

  • Dr. Michael Sances- Russel Sage Foundation Grant

  • Dr. Nicole Detraz and Dr. Eric Groenendyk – Professional Development Assignments 2016/17

  • Dr. Eric Groenendyk – Best Paper in Political Psychology award from the American Political Science Association.

  • Dr. Shelby Grossman – Postdoctoral Fellow at the Center on Democracy, Development and the Rule of Law at Stanford University.

Recent and forthcoming faculty publications:

  • Stanley, Sharon (forthcoming 2015) "The Enduring Challenge of Racial Integration in the United States." Du Bois Review.

  • Peksen, Dursun (forthcoming 2015) "Media-driven Humanitarianism? News Media Coverage of Human Rights Abuses and the Use of Economic Sanctions," International Studies Quarterly. (with Timothy M. Peterson and A. Cooper Drury)

  • Kaelberer, Matthias (2014) "Sovereign Debt or Balance of Payments Crisis? Exploring the Structural Logic of Adjustment in the Eurozone." Journal of Balkan and Near Eastern Studies.

  • Groenendyk, Eric (2014) "Emotional Rescue: How Emotions Help Partisans Overcome Collective Action Problems." Political Psychology. (with Antoine J. Banks)

  • Detraz, Nicole (2014) Environmental Security and Gender. Routledge.

  • Mego, Paul (2014) "The Evolution of an Interdisciplinary Team-Taught Course." Journal of Social Sciences Research. (with David Dietrich)

  • Peksen, Dursun (2014) "The Impact of Human Rights INGO Shaming on Humanitarian Intervention." Journal of Politics. (with Amanda Murdie)

  • Detraz, Nicole and Leah Windsor. (2014) "Evaluating Climate Migration: Population Movement, Insecurity and Gender." International Feminist Journal of Politics.

  • Groenendyk, Eric. (2013) Competing Motives in the Partisan Mind: How Loyalty and Responsiveness Shape Party Identification and Democracy. Oxford University Press.

  • Lomax, J. Harvey. (2013) Political Philosophy Cross-Examined: Perennial Challenges to the Philosophic Life. Palgrave Macmillan. (with Thomas L. Pangle).

  • Stanley, Sharon. (2013) "Toward a Reconciliation of Integration and Racial Solidarity." Contemporary Political Theory.