Awards and Kudos

  • Dr. Dursun Peksen has received a $795,576 grant from the National Science Foundation for his project, “Government-imposed Restrictions on International Economic Relations.” The three-year project will put together a new cross-national dataset on international sanctions by the United States, European Union and the United Nations from 1992-2022.


  • Dr. Eric Groenendyk has been awarded a Dunavant Professorship for 2022-2024.


Recent and forthcoming faculty publications:

  • Detraz, Nicole (2023) Women and Climate Change: Examining Discourses from the Global North. MIT Press.


  • Peksen, Dursun (with Blanton, Robert, Shannon Blanton) (Forthcoming) “Resource Wealth: A "Curse" for Labor Rights?” Comparative Political Studies.


  • Peksen, Dursun (with Kate Perry) (Forthcoming) “Economic Sanctions and Labor Rights Abuses in Target Countries,” European Journal of Political Research.


  • Wellman, Elizabeth Iams, Nathan W. Allen, and Benjamin Nyblade (2023) "The extraterritorial voting rights and restrictions dataset (1950–2020)." Comparative Political Studies 56, no. 6: 897-929. (Best Article Award, APSA Migration & Citizenship Section, 2023.)


  • Wellman, Elizabeth Iams. (2021) "Emigrant inclusion in home country elections: Theory and evidence from sub-Saharan Africa." American Political Science Review 115, no. 1: 82-96. (Best Article Award in African Politics, African Politics Conference Group, 2022; Best Article Award (Honorable Mention), APSA Migration & Citizenship Section, 2022.)


  • Chevannes, Derefe (Forthcoming) "Black Liberation And The Valorizing of Thought." Comparative Education Review.


  • Stanley, Sharon (with Kathryn Hicks) (Forthcoming) "Weight Stigma, Citizenship, and Neoliberal Democracy." Polity.


  • Groenendyk, Eric (with Erik Kimbrough and Mark Pickup) (Forthcoming) "How Norms Shape the Nature of Belief Systems in Mass Publics."  American Journal of Political Science.