Thomas K. Fagan, Ph.D.

Professor Emeritus

Psychology Building, Room 115
Office Hours
Thomas K. Fagan, Ph.D.


Education: B.S. Ed., M.A., Ph.D., Kent State University

Research Interests

  • Leadership Biography
  • History of School Psychology
Recent Publications

  • Fagan, T. K. (2019, Fall) Remembering Donald Smith, The School Psychologist, 73(2), 46-48.
  • Fagan, T. K. & Swerdlik, M. (2018). In memoriam: Remembering Joseph French. The School Psychologist. 72(1), 36-40.
  • Fagan, T. K. (2014). Trends in the history of school psychology in the United States.  In P. Harrison & A. Thomas (Eds.). Best practices in school psychology: Foundations, (pp.383-399), Bethesda, MD: National Association of School Psychologists.
  • Price, K. W., Floyd, R. G., Fagan, T. K., & Smithson, K. (2011). Journal article citation classics in school psychology: Analysis of the most cited articles in five school psychology journals. Journal of School Psychology, 49 (6), 649-667.
  • Floyd, R. G., Cooley, K. M., Arnett, J. E., Fagan, T. K., Mercer, S. H., & Hingle, C. (2011). An overview and analysis of journal operations, journal publication patterns, and journal impact in school psychology and related fields. Journal of School Psychology, 49(6), 617-647.
  • Fagan, T. K. (2010). Putting school psychology training into historical perspective: What’s new? What’s old? In E. Garcia-Vazquez, T. D. Crespi, & C. A. Riccio, (Eds.), Handbook of education, training, and supervision of school psychologists in school and community. Volume I: Foundations of professional practice (pp. 13-31). New York, NY: Taylor and Francis.
  • Fagan, T. K. (2009). John Henry Jackson (1922-2008). American Psychologist, 64(1), 49.