Arthur C. Graesser, Ph.D.

Emeritus Professor, Experimental (Cognitive)

Psychology Building 438 / FedEx Institute of Technology, Room 403B
Office Hours
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Arthur C. Graesser, Ph.D.


  • Ph.D., University of California, San Diego
  • B.A., Florida State University

Research Interests

  • Artificial Intelligence and Computational Linguistics
  • Cognitive and Learning Sciences
  • Collaborative Problem Solving
  • Computer-based Learning and Instruction
  • Discourse Processing
  • Emotions
  • Human and Computer Tutoring
  • Human-Computer Interaction
  • Text Comprehension

Recent Journal Publications and Books

  • D’Mello, S.K., & Graesser, A.C. (2023).  Intelligent tutoring systems: How computers achieve learning gains that rival human tutors.  In P. Schutz and K.R. Muis (Eds), Handbook of Educational Psychology, vol. 4 (pp. 603-629).  Washington, D.C.: American Psychological Association. 
  • Fang, Y., Lippert, A., Cai, Z., Chen, S., Frijters, J., Greenberg, D., & Graesser, A. (2022). Patterns of adults with low literacy skills interacting with an intelligent tutoring system. International Journal of Artificial Intelligence in Education, 32, 297-322.
  • Graesser, A.C. (2020). Emotions are the experiential glue of learning environments in the 21st century.  Learning and Instruction, 70, 101212. 
  • Graesser, A.C., A.C., Fiore, S.M., Greiff, S., Andrews-Todd, J., Foltz, P.W., & Hesse, F.W. (2018). Advancing the science of collaborative problem solving.  Psychological Science in the Public Interest, 19, 59-92.  
  • Graesser, A.C. Sabatini, J., & Li, H. (2022). Educational psychology is evolving to accommodate technology, multiple disciplines, and 21st century skills.  Annual Review of Psychology, 73, 547-574.
  • Rus, V., Olney, A., & Graesser, A.C. (2023).  Interactions with learners in natural language.  In B. du Boulay, A. Mitrovic, and K. Yacef (Eds.), Handbook of Artificial Intelligence in Education.  Springer. 
  • Sabatini, J., Graesser, A.C., Hollander, J., & O’Reilly, T. (2023).  A framework of literacy development and how AI can transform theory and practice.  British Journal of Educational Technology, 54.
  • Sinatra, A.M., Graesser, A.C., Hu, X., Goodwin, G., and Rus, V. (Eds.). (2023). Design Recommendations for Intelligent Tutoring Systems: Volume 10 - Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) Analysis of Intelligent Tutoring Systems. Orlando, FL: US Army Combat Capabilities Development Command - Soldier Center. ISBN 978-0-9977258-3-4.