John Sabatini, Ph.D.

Distinguished Research Professor, (Cognitive)

FIT Building, Room 403F
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Ph.D., University of Delaware
B.A., University of Chicago

Research Interests

  • Cognition, Instruction and Learning Sciences
  • Reading, Text, and Discourse Research
  • Educational Assessment
  • Educational Psychology
  • Adult Literacy and Education

Recent Publications

  • Sabatini, J., Park, J.H., Chakraborty, A., Graesser, A.C., Macintyre, T., Chandrasekharan. M., and Ogunniran, M.O. (2022) ‘Education technology’ in Vickers, E.A., Pugh, K. and Gupta, L. (eds.) Education and context in Reimagining education: The International Science and Evidence Based Education Assessment [Duraiappah, A.K., Atteveldt, N.M. van et al. (eds.)]. New Delhi: UNESCO MGIEP.
  • Graesser, A. C., Sabatini, J. P., & Li, H. (2021). Educational Psychology Is Evolving to Accommodate Technology, Multiple Disciplines, and Twenty-First-Century Skills. Annual Review of Psychology, 73.
  • White, S., Sabatini, J., Park, B. J., Chen, J., Bernstein, J., & Li, M. (2021). The 2018 NAEP Oral Reading Fluency Study. NCES 2021-025. National Center for Education Statistics.
  • Feller, D. P., Magliano, J., Sabatini, J., O’Reilly, T., & Kopatich, R. D. (2020). Relations Between Component Reading Skills, Inferences, and Comprehension Performance in Community College Readers. Discourse Processes, 1-18.
  • Sabatini, J., O'Reilly, T., Dreier, K., & Wang, Z. (2020). Cognitive processing challenges associated with low literacy in adults (pp. 17-400. In D. Perin (Ed.), Wiley Handbook of Adult Literacy, Wiley Blackwell, Hoboken, NJ.
  • Sabatini, J., O’Reilly, T., Weeks, J. & Wang, Z. (2020). Engineering a 21st Century Reading Comprehension Assessment System Utilizing Scenario-based Assessment Techniques.  International Journal of Testing, 1-23. DOI: 10.1080/15305058.2018.1551224
  • O’Reilly, T., Wang, Z., & Sabatini, J., (2019). How Much Knowledge is too Little? When a Lack of Knowledge Becomes a Barrier to Comprehension. Psychological Science, 1-8, DOI: 10.1177/0956797619862276
  • Sabatini, J., O’Reilly, T., & Wang, Z. (2018). Relating reading comprehension to oral reading performance in the NAEP fourth-grade special study of oral reading. Reading Research Quarterly.
  • Sabatini, J. (2015). Understanding the basic reading skills of US adults:  Policy and practical implications from the PIAAC literacy survey. Princeton, NJ: The ETS Center for Research on Human Capital and Education.
  • Sabatini, J., O’Reilly, T., Halderman, L. & Bruce, K. (2014). Broadening the Scope of Reading Comprehension using Scenario-based Assessments: Preliminary Findings and Challenges.  L’Année psychologique/Topics in Cognitive Psychology, 114, 693-723.
  • Sabatini, J., O’Reilly, T., Halderman, L., & Bruce, K. (2014). Integrating scenario-based and component reading skill measures to understand the reading behavior of struggling readers. Learning Disabilities Research & Practice, 29(1), 36-43.