Alexandrea R. Golden, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor (Clinical Psychology)

Psychology Building 365
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Alexandrea R. Golden, PhD

Dr. Golden plans to admit a new doctoral student for Fall 2024 admission.


  • Ph.D. University of South Carolina
  • M.A. New York University 
  • B.A. Spelman College


Dr. Golden’s research focuses on sociocultural factors that promote positive development and resilience among racially minoritized youth exposed to racism. Her research areas include:

  • School racial climate
  • Racial socialization (with a focus on peer racial socialization)
  • Critical consciousness/Sociopolitical development/Youth participatory action research (YPAR)


See Google Scholar for full list of publications. Selected publications include:

Golden, A. R., O’Neill, S., Fike, K., Wilkerson, E., & Voight, A. (2023). You have to look at the whole picture: A qualitative examination of critical social analysis among racially minoritized urban adolescents. Journal of Adolescent Research.

Golden, A. R., Srisarajivakul, E. N., Hasselle, A. J., Pfund, R. A., & Knox, J. (2023). What was a gap is now a chasm: Remote schooling, the digital divide, and educational inequities resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. Current Opinion in Psychology.

Cooper, S. M., Burnett, M., Golden, A., Butler‐Barnes, S., & Inniss‐Thompson, M. (2022). School discrimination, discipline inequities, and adjustment among Black adolescent girls and boys: An intersectionality‐informed approach. Journal of Research on Adolescence, 32(1), 170-190.

Golden, A. R., Anderson, R. E., Cooper, S. M., Hope, E. C., & Kloos, B. (2022). “With politics, it’s easier to talk to them about it”: Peer racial socialization and sociopolitical development among black college students. Emerging Adulthood, 10(4), 938-951.

Golden, A. R., & Byrd, C. M. (2022). Examining critical reflection as a mediator between school racial climate experiences and anti‐racist action. Journal of Research on Adolescence, 32(3), 1109-1119.

Golden, A. R., Griffin, C. B., Metzger, I. W., & Cooper, S. M. (2018). School racial climate and academic outcomes in African American adolescents: The protective role of peers. Journal of Black Psychology, 44(1), 47-73.