Robert Cohen, Ph.D.

Professor, Developmental Psychology

Psychology Building. Room 340
Office Hours
Robert Cohen, Ph.D.


Ph.D., Miami University
M.A., Miami University
B.A., University of Virginia

Research Interests

  • Children's Peer Relations
  • Peer Status and Popularity
  • Friendship Relationships
  • Respect and Peer Relations
  • Cultural Influences on Peer Relations
  • Children's Traditional and Cyber Aggression/Victimization
Recent Publications

  • Lewis, J. T., Parra, G. R., & Cohen, R. (2015). Apologies in close relationships: A review of theory and research. Journal of Family Theory and Review, 7, 48-61.
  • Tillery, R., Cohen, R., Parra, G. R., Kitzmann, K. M., & Howard Sharp, K. M. (2015). Friendship and the socialization of sadness. Merrill-Palmer Quarterly, 61, 486-508.
  • Howard Sharp, K. M., Cohen, R., Kitzmann, K. M., & Parra, G. R. (2015). Mechanisms mediating children's perceived maternal nonsupportive reactions to sadness and children's social and emotional functioning. Journal of Child and Family Studies, 1-14.
  • Banks, G. G., Berlin, K. S., Rybak, T. M., Kamody, R. C., & Cohen, R. (2016). Disentangling the longitudinal relations of race, sex, SES, for childhood body mass index trajectories. Journal of Pediatric Psychology, 41, 453-461.
  • Buckholdt, K.E., Kitzmann, K. M., & Cohen, R. (2016). Parent emotion coaching buffers the psychological effects of poor peer relations in the classroom. Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, 33, 23-41.
  • Davidson, A. J., Walton, M.D., Kansal, B., & Cohen, R. (2017). Narrative skills predict peer adjustment across elementary school years. Social Development, 26, 891-906