James P. Whelan, Ph.D.

Professor (Clinical Health), Director of Psychological Services Center

Psychology Building, Room 126
Office Hours
James P. Whelan, Ph.D.


  • Ph.D., The University of Memphis
  • M.A., Indiana University of Pennsylvania
  • B.A., LaSalle College

Research Interests

  • Problem and Pathological Gambling
  • Assessment and Treatment of Addictive Behaviors
  • Gambling Behavior


  • Whelan, J. P., Steenbergh, T. A., & Meyers, A. W. (2007)  Problem and Pathological Gambling. Cambridge MA: Hogrefe & Huber

Sample of Peer Reviewed Publications

  • Ginley, M.K.*, Whelan, J.P., Keating, H.A.*, & Meyers, A.W. (2016). Gambling warning messages: The impact of winning and losing on message reception across a gambling session. Psychology of Addictive Behavior, 30(8), 931-938.
  • Peter, S.C.*, Whelan, J.P., Ginley, M.K.*, Pfund, R.A.*, & Meyers, A.W. (2017). Disordered gamblers with and without ADHD: The role of coping in elevated psychological distress. International Gambling Studies, 16(3), 455-469.
  • Pfund, R.A.*, Whelan, J.P., Greenburg, J.E.*, Peter, S.C.*, & Meyers, A.W. (2017). Psychological distress as an indicator of co-occurring psychopathology among treatment-seeking disordered gamblers. Journal of Gambling Studies, 33, 907-918.
  • Ginley, M.K.*, Whelan, J.P., Pfund, R.A.*, Peter, S.C.*, & Meyers, A.W. (2017). Warning messages for electronic gambling machines: Evidence for regulatory policies. Addiction Research and Theory.
  • Pfund, R.A. *, Ginley, M.K. *, Whelan, J.P., Peter, S.C. *, Wynn, B.S. *, Suda, M.T.*, & Meyers, A.W. (2017). The influence of social interaction on female college students' electronic gambling machine behavior. Journal of Gambling Issues.
  • Pfund, R. A.*, Peter, S. C.*, Whelan, J. P., & Meyers, A. W. (in press). When does premature treatment termination occur? Examining session-by-session dropout among clients with gambling disorder. Journal of Gambling Studies.
  • Peter, S. C.*, Li, Q.*, Pfund, R. A.*, Whelan, J. P., & Meyers, A. W. (in press). Public stigma across addictive behaviors: Casino gambling, eSports gambling, and Internet gaming. Journal of Gambling Studies.
  • Weinstock, J. et al. (2018). Call to action for gambling disorder in the United States. Addiction.
  • Peter, S. C.*, Whelan, J. P., Pfund, R. A.*, & Meyers, A. W. (in press). A text comprehension approach to questionnaire readability: An example using gambling disorder measures. Psychological Assessment.
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*signifies student authors