Class Attendance

Instructors may use class attendance in computing grades. If they choose to do so, they must present all students attending the first and second class meetings with a complete written statement of their policy, detailing the weight of attendance in determining the final grade.

A student who is absent from the final examination without the permission of the teacher incurs a grade of "F" on the examination and may, depending on the weight of the examination in determining the final grade, incur a grade of "F" for the course.

Instructors will report to the Office of the Registrar all students who have not attended any class meetings during the first two weeks of classes (fall/spring) or the first week of classes (summer). About 2-3 weeks into both the fall and spring semesters, instructors will begin recording attendance. This is required for financial aid and veteran service reporting. After this process is underway, the Registrar's office will notify all students to check their reported attendance. Students accept both fee and grade liability at the time of registration. Students who do not attend classes are responsible for processing an official drop/withdrawal on Student Self Service. In order to avoid fee or grade liability, students must drop/withdraw prior to the first day of classes for the session in which the course is taught.

Students who receive VA benefits or Title IV funds (federal financial assistance) for enrollment fees but who stop attending, may have current and future awards canceled and may have to repay benefits immediately, whether or not they officially withdraw or drop courses. Furthermore, students who stop attending will be assigned a grade of "F" in courses from which they have not officially withdrawn. Instructors report the last known date of attendance as the student's "unofficial withdrawal date."

Adding and Dropping Courses

After the official registration period is over, students may make adjustments in their schedules through the process of adding and/or dropping courses. Courses dropped through the 14th calendar day of sessions seven weeks or longer or the 7th calendar day of sessions shorter than seven weeks will not be shown on the student's permanent record. Courses dropped after these days will be shown on the permanent record with withdrawal grades of "W". A student may drop any course or courses up through the last day to drop specified in the University Calendar for that session. Requests for exceptions must be made by the end of the next regular term following the term in which the grade was assigned, and normally only as part of a request for withdrawal from the University. Exceptions are made only by the dean in the college in which the student is earning a degree, or by the dean's designee, and only on the basis of such extenuating circumstances as serious personal illness and relocation because of employment. To stop attending a class without officially dropping the course incurs the grade of "F".

A course may be added late only upon permission of the dean or designee in the college of the student's major, or the Academic Counseling Center for undeclared students. The student must also have the written permission of the course instructor.

Late Registration Policy

The University of Memphis allows late registration for a short period of time after the Regular Registration period has ended. The dates and deadlines vary by semester and can be determined by consulting the appropriate semester within the "Dates & Deadlines" calendar of the University's academic calendar. This policy only applies to students whose Academic Status is Good Standing or Academic Warning.

Students on Academic Probation, transferring on Probation, or returning from Academic Suspension, who are admitted to the University of Memphis but have not enrolled in classes, must be registered for classes prior to the first day of class. Research on the impact of registering late for classes has generally concluded that late registrants have higher course withdrawal rates, lower grade point averages, and lower retention rates. Inan effort to retain students, improve academic success, and decrease the number of students placed on Academic Suspension, the University of Memphis recognizes that registering before classes begin is essential to promoting those goals.

Withdrawal From University

Any student who wishes to officially withdraw from the University may do so on the web, or in person through the Office of the Registrar in Student and Faculty Services, room 003, Wilder Tower. Failure to officially withdraw will result in grades of "F" for the courses in which the student is enrolled.

NOTE: Withdrawal is not permitted beyond the last day to withdraw specified in the University Calendar for that term or session. Requests for exceptions must be made by the end of the next regular term following the term in which the grade was assigned. Exceptions are made to this policy only in cases of such extreme circumstances as serious personal illness and relocation because of employment. Withdrawal requests after the deadline should be filed in the dean's office of the student's major college or the Academic Counseling Center for students with no declared major.

Enrollment Transactions

Enrollment transactions include registration, adding and dropping courses, and withdrawing from the university. The official date shall be the date that the request is submitted to the Office of the Registrar, subject to the final review and approval of the Vice Provost for Enrollment Services. If the final review reveals any apparent violation of the University's academic regulations and/or contractual relationships between the University and the student, the Vice Provost for Enrollment Services has the authority to suspend the transaction pending joint review with the college dean, the department chair, and the student's academic advisor. If the joint review verifies the legitimacy of the transaction, the official date will be that originally established. If the joint review culminates in a finding that academic regulations and/or contractual relationships have been violated, the entire transaction may be permanently invalidated.