College of Communication and Fine Arts

Anne Hogan, Ph.D., Dean
Room 232, Communication Fine Arts Building
(901) 678-2350

The College of Communication and Fine Arts has four primary functions. First, it offers courses of study aimed at preparing its students to work toward careers in the fine or applied arts, communications, or the performing arts, whether as practitioners, teachers, artists, or consultants. Second, the college affords broad exposure and instruction in fine arts and communication to students of other colleges in the university whose degree programs may be enhanced by such exposure. Third, with a view toward individual professional growth as well as general cultural enhancement, the college vigorously promotes both scholarly research and artistic production on the part of its faculty. Finally, the college seeks to enrich the cultural atmosphere of both the university and the community at large through a continuing variety of public programs, to include art exhibitions, media presentations, dramatic productions, concerts, recitals, lectures, seminars, debates, workshops, festivals, and the like.

Through the diversity of these constituent elements, the college reflects the unity and challenge facing the communicative artist and scholar. Ultimately it is our goal to foster a more intense and profound awareness of the broad range of human experience from which the college derives its pertinence and vitality.



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