College of Education

ERNEST A. RAKOW, Ph.D., Interim Dean
Room 215, E.C. Ball Hall
(901) 678-4265

The College of Education is dedicated to preparing students for careers in a variety of professional and related occupational areas. In helping the university pursue its three broad objectives of teaching, public service, and research, the College of Education is committed to the following missions.

The first mission of the College of Education is to prepare teachers, other licensed school personnel, and educationally related professionals who are qualified and competent in both practice and theory. The second mission is to conduct educational and educationally related research and to engage in the dissemination of the outcomes of that research. The third mission of the college is tightly interwoven with the two preceding missions, that is: to provide teaching, research and service that extends beyond the confines of the campus and to make educational delivery available in its urban setting and at other outreach locations.

The departments in the college value the pursuit and practice of quality teaching and research in a multicultural setting. Specifically, the college actively seeks to foster the advancement of knowledge and pedagogy involved in educational training in school and non-school settings. With a priority on urban related studies, both faculty and students are engaged in timely, diverse experiences of a scholarly nature.

This mission and vision for the College of Education is embodied in the theme of Educational Leaders. The college seeks to prepare leaders who demonstrate a thorough knowledge of the learning process, skill in instructional planning and delivery, and a disposition to create dynamic learning environments that incorporate multi-cultural knowledge into instructional design and delivery. Multiple performance assessment measures are used to identify what teacher candidates know and can do and their impact on P-12 students based on eleven learning outcomes derived from the Interstate New Teacher Assessment Support Consortium (INTASC) standards for teacher preparation.


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