Students who are completing courses required for admission to The Loewenberg College of Nursing (LCON) receive advising through the Academic Counseling Center. However, questions about admission requirements may be addressed to the Assistant Dean, Students Affairs in the LCON. A LCON Academic Advisor advises RN students while they are completing courses required for admission to The LCON.

Following admission to The LCON, each student is assigned an Academic Advisor from the school. The Academic Advisor will assist the student in planning for completion of the BSN program and will provide the opportunity for meaningful discussion regarding academic progress and career goals. This assistance, however, does not in any way relieve the student of the primary responsibility for studying the Undergraduate Catalog and fulfilling all the requirements for the degree.

Each student is assigned a Faculty Advisor with the College of Nursing, who will mentor and advise students in areas related to learning needs, study skills, meaningful program of study development, long-term professional and leadership development, and will provide career coaching and development of lifelong learning, reasoning/decision making, judgment skills, and balance of college life.