The Memphis Community

Memphis, with a metropolitan area population of just over one million, is one of the South's largest and most attractive cities. As a primary medical, educational, communication, distribution and transportation center, Memphis offers a rich and full range of research opportunities and cultural experiences. The city, known worldwide for its musical heritage, has many fine restaurants, museums, and theaters, as well as one of the nation's largest urban park systems. Annual events include the St. Jude Liberty Bowl Football Classic, the Memphis in May International Festival, the Federal Express St. Jude Golf Classic, the Great River Carnival and the Mid-South Fair. The medical complex in Memphis is the South's largest and one of the nation's foremost centers of medical research. A public transportation system provides easy travel between the university and other parts of the city.

Built on bluffs overlooking the Mississippi River, Memphis is devoted to preserving its history while vigorously building its future. Clusters of stately old homes dot the city; some are still inhabited, others preserve the past as museums, some have been restored and recast into commercial establishments; all are home to images from a long-ago time.

The University's modern and beautifully landscaped campus is centrally located in an attractive residential area of Memphis, with shopping, recreation and entertainment centers nearby. In addition to the main campus facilities, the University has research and athletic training facilities and married student housing on the South Campus, as well as teaching sites throughout West Tennessee.