Course Descriptions

Explanation of course description format:

The official course title appears in boldface type following the course number. The figures in parentheses after the course title denote the number of semester hours of credit for that course. If the credit is variable, to be determined by the department, that fact is indicated by the minimum and maximum credit, as BIOL 4000 (2-4).

If the phrase "Same as . . ." and another course number appear in parentheses following the credit hours, the course is cross listed with a course in another department, and when offered by both departments, may be taken through either. If another course number in parenthesis follows the credit hours, it is the former number for the same course. Credit may not be received for both the former number and the current number of the same course.

For those courses including regular laboratory hours, the lecture/laboratory hour distribution is written in italics near the end of the course description. At the end of many course descriptions, prerequisites and/or corequisites are listed. Students are responsible for meeting the stated prerequisites prior to enrolling for the course.

A [G] at the end of the course description indicates that the course may be used to fulfill University General Education Program requirements. These requirements vary somewhat according to the particular degree program or major.

Courses are numbered according to the following system:

0001-0999 Courses for which the credit does not apply toward minimum degree requirements or for which credit is restricted.
1000-1999 Courses primarily for freshmen
2000-2999 Courses primarily for sophomores
3000-3999 Courses primarily for juniors
4000-4999 Courses primarily for seniors and for which graduate credit is not offered.
(There is sometimes a corresponding 6000 number for which graduate credit is offered to graduate students who fulfill the additional requirements for such credit.)

1000-2000 level courses are lower division courses, 3000-4000 level courses are upper division courses. Course numbers have no reference to the semester in which the courses are taught.


1ART 24002-36002.4Museum Operation. 5(3). 6(3050). 7(Same as ANTH 4002). 8Basic aspects of museum organization, management, exhibit planning and execution, and maintenance of collections and records. 9Two lecture/two laboratory hours per week. 10(F). 11PREREQUISITE: ART 3090. l2COREQUISITE: ART 4001. 13(S/U). 14[G].

  1. Subject area
  2. Course number/level
  3. 6000 level cognate
  4. Course title
  5. Credit hours
  6. Former course number
  7. Cross listing
  8. Course description
  1. Lecture/laboratory description
  2. Semester in which course usually offered
    (F) = Fall, (Sp) = Spring, (Su) = Summer
  3. Prerequisite
  4. Corequisite
  5. Special Grading
  6. General Education *

* [G] = General Education