Interdisciplinary Studies Office
Room 107, Scates Hall

In addition to the courses below, the department may offer the following Special Topics courses:
AAAS 4990-4999. Special Topics in African and African American Studies. (3). Topics are varied and in online class listing. May be taken for a maximum of 6 hours credit when topic varies.

AAAS 2100 - Intro Afr/Afr American Study (3)
Status of Africans and African Americans in historical and modern times.

AAAS 3100 - Research Method/Afr American (3)
Students design research project focusing on African and African American experiences and issues.

AAAS 4100 - Seminar Afr/Afr Amer Studies (3)
Capstone course to provide an integrated and interdisciplinary understanding of the black experience which arises from culture, society, and the natural world.

AAAS 4251 - African Religions/Diaspora (3)
Transplantation of African religions to the Western hemisphere; change in religions over time; African religious thought; retention, adaptation, hybridity in religious movements.

AAAS 4351 - Ghanaian Hist/Culture (3)
Study of the history and cultures of Ghana.

AAAS 4451 - Rhetoric of Hip Hop (3)
Movement of hip-hop from its original expressions of a hidden sub-culture to its widespread acceptance in mainstream American culture.

AAAS 4501 - Internship (3-6)
Supervised internship working with public and private institutions. Seminar sessions to discuss and analyze problems facing interns. PREREQUISITE: permission of program director.

AAAS 4901 - Independent Study (1-3)
Readings and writing assignments designed to further understanding of specialized areas within African and African American Studies. May be taken for a maximum of 6 hours credit when topic varies.

AAAS 4999 - A Sense of Place (3)
Social, political, economic and cultural forces that shape and define cultural heritage and identity among African Americans in the Mid-South and Mississippi Delta.