School of Urban Affairs and Public Policy
Division of Public Administration
Michael Howell-Moroney, Ph.D., Director
Room 136, McCord Hall

Admission to PADM 3610, 3611, 3612, 3613, 3614, and 3615 is restricted to students seeking the Bachelor of Professional Studies degree in Fire Administration or Fire Prevention Technology through University College.

PADM 3100 - Seminar Emergency Mgmt (3)
(Same as EMGT 3100 and ESCI 3100). Synthesizing and integrating the various elements of emergency management.

PADM 3501 - Civic Engagement, Voluntarism (3)
Critical introduction to voluntary action and civic engagement in U. S. society; exploration of concepts such as democracy, community, leadership, and civil society. This course is intended for all students interested in voluntarism, community serivce, and public participation.

PADM 3601 - Public Admin (3)
Concepts, practices and trends of governmental administration in executive departments and national, state, and local public agencies; analysis of bureaucracy, public budgeting and finance; public personnel, public service administrative leadership. PREREQUISITE: ENGL 1020 or equivalent; junior or senior standing.

PADM 3610 - Personnel Mgmt Fire Service (3)
Personnel practices and management procedures; manpower planning, labor relations recruitment, selection, testing, performance appraisals, classification, motivation, politics, and management.

PADM 3611 - Disaster Planning/Control (3)
Concepts and principles of community risk assessment, regional and cooperative procedures and plans; relationship of structural, climatic and topographical variables to group fires, conflagrations, and natural disasters; pre- and post-occurrence factors; communications, planning, organizing, coordination, command and logistics.

PADM 3612 - Fire Preven Org/Mgmt (3)
Examines and evaluates techniques, procedures, programs and agencies involved with fire prevention; public and private fire prevention functions, licenses, permits, zoning, legal aspects, inspection, investigations, planning, arson, and incendiary analysis.

PADM 3613 - Fire/Emergency Admin (3)
Overview of organization and management in modern fire service; management of equipment and personnel, fire department functions, planning, resource development, labor relations.

PADM 3614 - Political/Legl Fnd Fire Prtctn (3)
Legal basis for police power of government related to public safety; legal limitations and responsibility; liability of fire prevention organizations and personnel; review of judicial decisions.

PADM 3615 - Community Risk Reduction (3)
Sociological, economic and political characteristics of communities and their influence on fire problem; how to study community profiles and structures with consideration of economic, geographic, and sociological variables of fire threat.; examination of functional basis of community, diverse social roles of community agencies; study of fire services as complex organization in community.

PADM 4101 - Political Statistics (3)
(Same as POLS 4101). Introduction to analysis of quantitative data; statistical hypothesis testing in fields of political science and public and health administration. PREREQUISITE: POLS 3100.

PADM 4207 - Health Politics/Policy (3)
Introduction to the political, economic, and social forces affecting the health care system in the United States; emphasis on the development and comparison of health policies within the context of the stages of American policy making.

PADM 4221 - Issues/Urban Admin (3)
Politics, administration, and public policy in urban context; administrative aspects of selected governmental policy making processes; interrelationships of governments at various levels; urban challenges facing modern public administrators.

PADM 4225 - Application/Urban Admin (3)
Tools and strategies of public and nonprofit administration to accomplish collective purposes, develop communities, enhance civic capacity toward improved quality of life in urban settings.

PADM 4226 - Intro Nonprofit Organizations (3)
Critical understanding of historical development and impact of public sector, dynamic environment of nonprofit organization and current issues of importance to nonprofit decision makers. PREREQUISITE: ENGL 1020 or equivalent; junior or senior standing.

PADM 4227 - Issues/Nonprofit Admin (3)
Unique aspects of using financial information in nonprofit administration; principles and practices of nonprofit managerial and financial accounting; nonprofit budget and control issues; analysis of nonprofit financial statements. PREREQUISITE: PADM 4226.

PADM 4228 - Grant Development/Management (3)
Elements of grant writing process; skills to seek, solicit, and receive grant awards from foundation and government sources; administration of awards to meet goals of recipient and granting agency.

PADM 4231 - Admin Internship (3-12)
(Same as POLS 4231). Supervised internship working with administrative branches of national, state, or local governments. Seminar sessions to discuss and analyze problems with which interns are working. May be repeated for a maximum of 12 hours credits. PREREQUISITE: permission of division.

PADM 4401 - Comparative Public Adm (3)
Examination of differing concepts and perspectives of public administration; variability in administrative systems, political power and control over public bureaucracies, education and recruitment of public bureaucrats; bureaucratic concept of public interest and responsiveness to the public.

PADM 4412 - Neighborhood Dev/Social Entrep (3)
(Same as ANTH 4412). Role of various institutions and their relationship to developmental needs of inner city neighborhoods; evolution of American cities as context for understanding urban neighborhoods and poverty; role of government and foundations in shaping policy at local level; rise of neighborhood associations and non-profits as extensions of family values; contributing to better understanding of neighborhoods and various intervention strategies.