Department of Sociology
Jeni Loftus, Ph.D., Chair
Room 231, Clement Hall

It is strongly recommended that students take SOCI 1010 before taking other courses in the department.

In addition to the courses below, the department may offer the following Special Topics courses:
SOCI 4900-09. Special Topics in Sociology. (3). Special areas of sociology not otherwise included in the curriculum.
SOCI 4980. Honors Special Topics in Sociology. (3). Topics are varied and in online class listings. May be repeated for a maximum of 9 hours credit. PREREQUISITE: admission to the Honors Program in Sociology.

SOCI 1010 - Introduction to Sociology (3)
(1111). Introduction to concepts, methods and theoretical perspectives in sociology. Basic principles of sociological reasoning introduced through lectures, reading assignments, and micro-computer instruction. [G]

SOCI 2100 - Sociology of Globalization (3)
Sociological analysis of forces and consequences of globalization; economic globalization, global inequality, transnational governance and democracy, transnational civil society, global cultural change, and global-local linkages. [G]

SOCI 3112 - Contemporary Social Problems (3)
Sociological approaches to understanding contemporary social problems; magnitude, causes, consequences, and possible solutions to various problems such as poverty, racism, sexism, problems of aging, crime, and population.

SOCI 3311 - Social Statistics (3)
Application of basic statistical concepts and techniques to social analysis; description of data for single variables and for relationships between two variables; tests of significance for relationships between two variables involving sample data; use of packaged statistical computer programs for single- and two-variable analysis.

SOCI 3322 - Methods of Social Research (3)
Overview of process of social research; selection and formulation of problem, design of research, methods of investigation, analysis and interpretation of data, and report preparation; emphasis on data collection techniques.

SOCI 3401 - Social Inequality (3)
Unequal distribution of power, property, and prestige and social relations of dominance and subordination in the American class system; how and why this inequality develops and persists; differences in life chances and options across different social classes.

SOCI 3420 - Sociology of the South (3)
Political economy and major institutions in the South and implications for different races and classes; the South since World War II, including the Civil Rights movement.

SOCI 3422 - Racial/Ethnc Minorities (3)
Comparative study of racial and ethnic minorities in United States, how inequality is institutionalized in such areas as employment, education, political participation, and social relations; emphasis on how subordinate groups resist oppression and initiate social change. [G]

SOCI 3432 - Sociology of Gender (3)
Traditional conceptions of masculinity and femininity and modifications of these resulting from economic, demographic and cultural changes; socialization for masculine and feminine roles and variations in these roles throughout life cycle; class, race, occupational and other institutional differences in sex roles.

SOCI 3501 - Sociology of Deviant Behavior (3)
Problems in applying definitions of deviance in everyday life; theories about causes and consequences of deviance critically reviewed; types of deviance analyzed, ranging from interpersonal violence to various forms of sexual expression.

SOCI 3540 - Gambling and Society (3)
Role of gambling in society with its accompanying social, economic, political and individual concomitants; types of gambling, legitimation of gambling, gaming industry, sports gambling, regressive nature of gambling; analysis of problems gambling as role impairment and look to the future of technology and Internet gambling.

SOCI 3541 - Criminology (3)
Nature and significance of criminality; etiology of illegal behavior; trends in social reactions to crime and criminals; evolution of biological, psychological, and sociological theories of criminal behavior.

SOCI 3701 - Individual and Society (3)
Basic theory and research dealing with study of human behavior in social situations; emphasis on communication processes, socialization, social roles, social self, and interaction in group contexts.

SOCI 3820 - Sociology of Education (3)
Sociological analysis of education and its functions, school and community relationships; problems of social change and educational adjustments.

SOCI 3831 - Marriage and Family (3)
American family patterns, including mate selection, man-woman relationships, marital satisfaction, parent-child communication, divorce, alternative lifestyles and other contemporary issues.

SOCI 3860 - Sociology of Religion (3)
Role of religion in modern society; relationship between religion and other spheres of life; sociological examination of cults, sects, churches, and religious movements; causes and consequences of religious beliefs and practices.

SOCI 3940 - Social Change (3)
A critical assessment of explanations and patterns of social change from a global perspective; emphasis on social institutions, social movements/revolutions, democratization, culture, technology, population dynamics, and environmental transformation.

SOCI 4210 - Rise of Sociological Theory (3)
Nature, grounds, and explanatory powers of various forms of sociological theory; analysis of bases for scientific and philosophical assumptions and social and political contexts; major theorists including Durkheim, Marx, Weber, Simmel.

SOCI 4211 - Contemp Sociological Theory (3)
Trends and developments in sociological theory from the mid-20th century to the present; descriptive to explanatory to critical theories of social action, organization, inequality, and change, as well as interaction between people, groups, and societies.

SOCI 4312 - Intermediate Social Stat (3)
Multivariate analysis of social data; use of computer programs for data management and statistical analysis. PREREQUISITE: SOCI 3311, 3322, or equivalent, or permission of the instructor.

SOCI 4413 - Global/Culture/Info Technology (3)
Effects of the global digital divide; use and application of various information technologies.

SOCI 4420 - Racial Inequality (3)
Relations of dominance and subordination in the United States; social and political experiences of African Americans, Asian Americans, and Latinos, especially strategies employed to resist oppression and reduce inequality.

SOCI 4425 - Environmental Sociology (3)
Role of social institutions, power, and inequality in shaping environmental discourse and action; dynamics of environmental social movements.

SOCI 4442 - Sociology of Poverty (3)
Structural sources of inequality and how experiences of poverty are shaped by race, gender and age.

SOCI 4460 - Black/White Women in South (3)
How history of South and political-economic structure has shaped black and white women's work, family, community activities, and relationships; emphasis on collaboration and competition aspects, identity issues, and demographic characteristics; focus on the Memphis area.

SOCI 4541 - Sociology of Aging (3)
Ageism in sociocultural contexts; current beliefs, values, and norms regarding aging; structural location of aging in society; and implications of ageism in employment, poverty, private and institutional housing, crime, physical illness and mental illness.

SOCI 4631 - Cities in Change (3)
Historical transformation of urban communities and urban life; impact of globalization on local places; class, race and ethnic segregation in urban and metropolitan communities; immigration; urban political, economic and social change in comparative perspective.

SOCI 4641 - Sociology/Global Environment (3)
Examination of interactions between physical environment in which we live and human societies which we have created; emphasis on crises of global environment and efforts toward sustainable development.

SOCI 4842 - Sociology/Occup/Professions (3)
Sociological analysis of division of labor, occupational groupings, career patterns, and professional associations in modern American society; meaning of work.

SOCI 4851 - Medical Sociology (3)
Explanation of the relationships among society, population processes and health; examination of the ways in which health is as much social as biological.

SOCI 4852 - Sociology of Mental Illness (3)
Definition, taxonomy, models; epidemiology, demographics of class, age, sex, race, residence, marital status; media images, public policy, delivery systems, examines personal experiences and social stigma; explores expression of emotions, assertiveness training, anger management, suicide, codependency, divorce recovery, alcoholic family roles; surveys sociotherapeutic responses; social stress.

SOCI 4912 - Directed Indiv Study (1-6)
Individually directed advanced reading and/or research in special areas of interest. May be repeated for maximum of 6 hours credit. PREREQUISITE: permission of department chair.

SOCI 4996 - Public Sociology Seminar (3)
Engagement of multiple publics in multiple ways to address critical community and civil society issues; creation of multimedia projects to promote awareness and advocacy, and to assess opportunities for social change.

SOCI 4997 - Internship in Sociology (3)
Supervised practical experience in applying sociological principles in a setting appropriate to the discipline of sociology. Students select topic and setting in consultation with the Internship Coordinator. PREREQUISITE: permission of instructor.

SOCI 4998 - Honors Thesis (3)
Original research conducted under the direction of a faculty mentor. May be repeated in successive semesters for a maximum of 6 hours credit. May be taken by honors students in addition to or instead of SOCI 4999. PREREQUISITE: admission to the Honors Program in Sociology.

SOCI 4999 - Senior Thesis Seminar (3)
Analysis of process and practice of sociological inquiry; emphasis on integration of sociological theory, research methods, statistics, and knowledge of a substantive area through formulation and completion of original research project. Research problem will be formulated and executed by student with consultation and supervision of instructor. PREREQUISITE: SOCI 3311, 3322, 4210 or 4211, and nine additional upper division hours in SOCI.