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"Most proud of my accomplishment of graduating with a degree in accounting in three years with Summa Cum Laude and Honors."

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Social Work

School of Urban Affairs and Public Policy
Department of Social Work
Steven Soifer, Ph.D., Chair
Room 226, McCord Hall

SWRK 2010 and 2911 are prerequisites for all other courses in the Department of Social Work; may be taken after earning 30 credit hours, as specified in the note accompanying the requirements for the Pre-Social Work major; and are required of Social Work Majors.

In addition to the courses below, the department may offer the following Special Topics courses:
SWRK 4911-19. Special Topics in Social Work. (3). Topics of contemporary interest in social work profession and in social welfare practices. PREREQUISITE: SWRK 2911, or permission of instructor.

SWRK 2010 - Introduction to Social Work (3)
(2910). Overview of social work as profession, including introduction to its value base, knowledge base, and skill base; and roles of social workers in social service agencies. Volunteer experience required. Two and one-half lecture hours, one and one-half laboratory hours per week.

SWRK 2911 - Soc Response to Human Need (3)
Introduction to historical and contemporary issues related to American social welfare systems; analysis of impact on vulnerable populations, value implications, change processes, and culturally relevant concepts of need.

SWRK 3902 - Human Behavior/Soc Envrnmnt (3)
Overview of human development from birth through old age; focus on interaction of biological, psychological, and socio-cultural factors; major developmental theories, transitional phases, and variant lifestyles; relevance to social functioning and social work practice. PREREQUISITE: SWRK 2010 or 2911 and BIOL 1010/1011, or permission of the undergraduate program coodinator.

SWRK 3903 - Social Work Practice I (4)
Overview of traditional social casework methodology; emphasis on theoretical approaches and generalist practice; beginning applications of case study model. PREREQUISITE: SWRK 2010, 2911, 3902, or permission of director.

SWRK 3904 - Social Work Practice II (3)
Continuation of SWRK 3903, with emphasis on application of theory through assessment, intervention planning, use of community resources, and functions of social workers; extensive case analysis. PREREQUISITE: SWRK 2010, 2911, 3902 3903.

SWRK 3906 - Social Work Practice III (3)
Theory and application of community organization concepts as applied to community structures and functions, roles of social worker in these settings. PREREQUISITE: SWRK 2010, 2911, 3902, 3903.

SWRK 3920 - Soc Welfare Policy/Programs (3)
Overview of social welfare policy development and methods; programs resulting from these efforts; influence of competing value orientations; exposure to differing models of policy analysis; and implications for professional practice including the role of social work in developing, implementing, and evaluating social programs. PREREQUISITE: SWRK 2010 and 2911.

SWRK 3930 - Intro Soc Work Research (3)
History and methods of social work research including scientific thinking, application of statistical operations, and systematic approaches to acquisition of social work knowledge. PREREQUISITE: SWRK 2010 and 2911. COREQUISITE:SOCI 3311.

SWRK 4060 - Social Work Integrated Health (3)
SWRK 4060/6060: Social Work Practice in Integrated Health Care is an elective course for seniors and master's of social work students. The objective of the course is to introduce social work students to the direct practice of integrated behavioral health in primary care. Students will become knowledgeable of the roles of behavioral health providers working in primary care settings, theories and models of care, and cross-cultural issues. They will develop skills in engagement, assessment, intervention planning and implementation, and practice evaluation. PREREQUISITE: Senior status and approval of the instructor.

SWRK 4061 - Substance Abuse Treatment (3)
Prepare students for evidence-based practice in the field of substance abuse treatment. The course will present an integrative biopsychosocial model for the understanding and treatment of substance abuse. Overview of the history of substance abuse, a review of models of addiction, a multidimensional model of the addiction process, the physiological effects of commonly abused substances, assessment and diagnosis of substance abuse disorders, and specific, evidence-based interventions adolescent and adult clients. PREREQUISITE: Approval of instructor.

SWRK 4830 - Field Instruction Soc Work I (3)
Supervised internship in social service agency or program. Minimum two days per week required. PREREQUISITE: SWRK 3904, 3906. COREQUISITE: SWRK 4840.

SWRK 4831 - Field Instruction Soc Work II (4)
Continuation of supervised internship. Minimum three days per week required. PREREQUISITES: SWRK 4830 and 4840. COREQUISITE: SWRK 4841.

SWRK 4833 - Religion/Spiritly SWRK Prac (3)
Importance of religion and spirituality in shaping belief systems; psychosocial development; development of social policy; significance of religious institutions in providing social services; examines how religion and spirituality influence the individual, family, community.

SWRK 4840 - Integrative Field Seminar I (2)
Integration of social work theory with field instruction experiences. PREREQUISITE: SWRK 3906. COREQUISITE: SWRK 4830.

SWRK 4841 - Integrative Field Seminar II (2)
Continuation of SWRK 4840. COREQUISITE: SWRK 4831.

SWRK 4911 - Community Mobilization & Socia (3)
Prepare students for evidence-based practice in the field of substance abuse treatment.

SWRK 4915 - Poverty and Inequality (3)
Practice skills to become culturally competent child welfare worker.

SWRK 4933 - Directed Ind Study (1-4)
Directed advanced reading, field study and/or research in special areas of social work, not otherwise provided in curriculum. NOTE: no more than 4 hours may be taken in any one semester. May be repeated for maximum of 6 hours credit. PREREQUISITE: Social Work major and permission of undergraduate program coordinator, Department of Social Work.

SWRK 4934 - Child Welfare Policy/Services (3)
Historic overview and contemporary application of child welfare policy; problems in policy development; contemporary American child welfare services in both public and private domains. PREREQUISITE: SWRK 2010, 2911. COREQUISITE: SWRK 3920.

SWRK 4935 - Child Welfare II (3)
Roles and responsibilities of social workers practicing within child welfare system; mastery of practice skills at a range of levels, such as individual, family, and environment designed to develop culturally competent child welfare workers. PREREQUISITE: SWRK 2010, 2911. COREQUISITE: SWRK 3903.

SWRK 4937 - School Social Work (3)
Overview of school social work including public education system from the national, state, and local levels; examination of range of practice and policy issues related to delivery of social work services in school settings. Special emphasis on understanding current federal and state laws as they relate to practice with school-age children and their families. PREREQUISITE: SWRK 2010, 2911, and 3920.

SWRK 4939 - Mental Health Concepts (3)
Definition, assessment, and classification of mental disorders, psychopathology, and basic psychotherapeutic and psychopharmacological treatment approaches; dangers of diagnosing in terms of labeling, stereotyping, and stigmatizing; impact of social and economic injustice on the mentally ill. PREREQUISITE: SWRK 2010, 2911, and 3902.

SWRK 4940 - Grief and Loss (3)
Normal and unresolved grief and loss as well as therapeutic intervention; values and ethics, cultural diversity and populations at risk as they relate to grief and loss. PREREQUISITE: SWRK 2010, 2911 and 3902.