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Exercise and Sport Science

(EXSS) Exercise and Sport Science
Department of Health and Sport Sciences
Richard Bloomer, Ph.D., Chair
Room 106, Elma Neal Roane Fieldhouse

In addition to the courses below, the department may offer the following Special Topics courses:
EXSS 4705-11. Special Topics Workshop in Exercise and Sport Science. (3). Selected phases of exercise and sport science through group study. In-depth study of area of interest and need for exercise and sport scientists. May be repeated with a change in topic.
EXSS 4902-11. Special Topics in Exercise and Sport Science. (1-3). Current topics in exercise and sport science. May be repeated with change in topic and content. Topics are varied and in online class listings.

EXSS 2004 - Intro to Exercise Science (3)
Introduction to education and professional practice; history of EXSS, technology, employment opportunities, certifications and professional organizations.

EXSS 2010 - Resistance Training Applicatn (2)
Basic theory and practice of multiple resistance training modalities; resistance training tools in sports, rehabilitation, and physical conditioning; free weight, body weight, machine exercise modalities; basic resistance exercise programming and instructional methods.

EXSS 2020 - Aerobics Training Application (2)
Multiple aerobic training modalities; aerobic training tools for sports, rehabilitation, and physical conditioning.

EXSS 3020 - Exercise and Sport Mechanics (3)
(4020). Biomechanical conditions of human movement; knowledge and skills needed to analyze and evaluate human motor performance in order to prescribe appropriate interventions to optimize it. PREREQUISITE: BIOL 2010/2011, 2020/2021; EXSS 2004, 2010, 2020, 3050, 3405, 3803; HPRO 2100, 3800, HMSE 2000. COREQUISITE: EXSS 3450, 3603, 3703. (Sp/Su).

EXSS 3050 - Adv Life Supp Exer Cond/Test (3)
Development of knowledge and skills related to anatomical and physiological changes that may result from exercise conditioning and testing; signs and symptoms of acute health related problems; first aid measures, CPR, use of an AED. PREREQUISITE: BIOL 2010/2011 and 2020/2021. (F/Su).

EXSS 3405 - Anatomic Kinesiology (3)
Anatomic systems as related to purposeful movement of the human body; structure and function of musculoskeletal system. PREREQUISITE: EXSS 2004. PREREQUISITE/COREQUISITE: EXSS 2010, 2020, BIOL 2010/2011 and 2020/2021, HMSE 2000. (Sp/Su).

EXSS 3450 - Psych Aspects Exercise (3)
Emphasis on the application of psychological principles in fostering motivation among individuals in exercise/physical activity settings. PREREQUISITE: BIOL 2010/2011 and 2020/2021 and EXSS 2004. PREREQUISITE/COREQUISITE: EXSS 2010 and 2020. (Sp/Su).

EXSS 3502 - Prev/Care Athletic Injuries (3)
Practical and theoretical aspects of treatment of athletic injuries in athletic training programs; supplies, training table, therapeutic equipment, and techniques in conditioning and bandaging. PREREQUISITE: HMSE 2102 or consent of instructor. PREREQUISITE: EXSS 2004, 2010, 2020, BIOL 2010/2011 and 2020/2021, hmse 2000. COREQUISITE: HPRO 3505.

EXSS 3603 - Exercise Physiology I (3)
Anatomical and physiological bases for expressing, developing, and maintaining muscular endurance, strength, power, joint flexibility, body composition as well as various factors which may affect them. PREREQUISITE: EXSS 2004, 2010, 2020, BIOL 2010/2011 and 2020/2021. PREREQUSITE or COREQUSITE: HMSE 2000. (Sp/Su).

EXSS 3700 - Exer Physiology Introduction (3)
Acute and chronic physiological adaptations to muscular activity; physiological bases for appropriate training programs for maximizing physical performance. PREREQUISITE: EXSS 2010, 2020, BIOL 2010/2011 and 2020/2021. (Sp/Su).

EXSS 3703 - Exercise Physiology II (3)
Exercise performance including energy metabolism and regulation, cardiovascular physiology, environmental physiology; principles of physiological and biochemical assessment; interpretation of physiological and biochemical data; development of appropriate training programs to maximize performance efficiency. PREREQUISITE: EXSS 2004, BIOL 2010/2011 and 2020/2021, HMSE 2000. PREREQUISITE/COREQUISITE: EXSS 2010, 2020. (F/Su).

EXSS 3803 - Motor Learning (3)
Theory and research concerning the behavioral and neurological bases for understanding the processes involved in motor skill learning and performance. PREREQUISITE: EXSS 2004, 2010, 2020, BIOL 2010/2011 and 2020/2021, HMSE 2000. (Sp/Su).

EXSS 3853 - Motor Behavior (3)
Basic theories and principles of motor learning and performance; developmental aspects of human motor behavior across the lifespan. BIOL 2010/2011 and 2020/2021. (Sp/Su).

EXSS 4000 - Exer Test Interpretation Lab (3)
Acquisition and practice of laboratory/clinical skills pertaining to measurement techniques, tools and interpretation of physical performance and fitness; introduces theoretical and functional techniques of graded exercise testing for functional and/or diagnostic assessment. One lecture hour, four laboratory hours per week. PREREQUISITE: BIOL 2010/2011and 2020/2021; EXSS 2004, 2010, 2020, 3020, 3050, 3405, 3450, 3603, 3703, 3800, 3803; HPRO 2100 and 3800, or permission of instructor. (F/Su) .

EXSS 4010 - Supplements/Food/Drugs Health (3)
Role of nutrition in optimizing performance and training adaptations; macro and micro nutrient intake, proper timing and amount of intake; analysis of validity of proposed ergogenic performance and/or structural adaptation. PREREQUISITE: permission of instructor.

EXSS 4015 - Exer Prog Spec Population (3)
Principles of cardiovascular medicine related to therapeutic management of various disease states through exercise; medical consequences of various disease states; developing comprehensive rehabilitative programs to decrease physical disability. Variable hours of supervised laboratory/field experience may be required . PREREQUISITE: BIOL 2010/2011, 2020/2021; EXSS 2004, 2010, 2020, 3050, 3405, 3450, 3603, 3703, 3800, 3803; HPRO 2100. (F/Su).

EXSS 4406 - Exercise Test/ECG Interpret (3)
Introduction to the methods of conducting ECG and cardiopulmonary exercise testing for asymptomatic and symptomatic populations; ACSM principles of exercise testing as well as methods of ECG interpretation will be covered. Variable hours of supervised laboratory/field experience may be required.

EXSS 4502 - Adv Prv/Care Athletic Injuries (3)
Advanced practical and theoretical aspects of treatment of athletic related injuries in athletic training programs; supplies, management, organization, injury recognition, evaluation and assessment, therapeutic modalities, bandaging, and techniques in conditioning and rehabilitation. PREREQUISITE: EXSS 3502.

EXSS 4603 - Adv Meth/Strength Condition (3)
Advanced study of training principles for strength and conditioning programs and their underlying physiological bases. PREREQUISITE: BIOL 2010/2011, 2020/2021; EXSS 2004, 2010, 2020, 3050, 3405, 3450, 3603, 3703, 3800, 3803; HPRO 2100, or permission of instructor. (F/Su).

EXSS 4605 - Internship Exer/Sport Science (3-6)
Culminating experience allowing students the opportunity to demonstrate knowledge and skills in an appropriate professional setting, including completion of senior test with a minimum score of 60% and a maximum of 4 attempts. PREREQUISITE: completion of all course work in major and concentration and completion of senior test. (S/U).