Larry McNeil, Ph.D., Chair
Room 113, Patterson Hall

The Department of Leadership offers only graduate level degree programs but does provide courses as part of undergraduate degree programs offered by other departments in the college and University.

LEAD 2010 - Foundations/American Education (3)
Introduction to roles and responsibilities of teachers in urban school settings; evolution of educational policies and practices; organization and structure of schools; examination of schools as cultural systems; philosophical, historical, and legal approaches; field experience (5 hours). PREREQUISITE: sophomore standing.

LEAD 3350 - The Adult Learner (3)
Variety of learning patterns and developmental characteristics of adult emphasis on applications in programs or other activities for adult learners.

LEAD 4000 - Education/School/Amer Society (3)
Interdisciplinary study of educational policies and practices in American society; role and function of school and teachers; analysis of major problems and issues facing contemporary public education. Five hours of school visitation required. PREREQUISITE: upper division standing or bachelor's degree.

LEAD 4044 - SPED Law for Educators (3)
Legal foundations of special education; analytical tools for competent decision-making at school level. Designed for teachers, principals, school administrators, parents, special education advocates. PREREQUISITE: LEAD 2010 or SPED 2000, or permission of instructor.