Department of Instruction and Curriculum Leadership
Dr. Angiline (Angie) Powell, Interim Chair
Room 406 E. C. Ball Hall

RDNG 3001 - Literacy Tutoring (3)
(Same as UNHP 3001). Designed for students to teach literacy to school-aged children in clinical K-12 schools or non-profit settings. May be repeated for a maximum of 9 hours credit. May not be repeated to improve grade. PREREQUISITE: restricted to University Honors Students or Education Students seeking licensure, and permission of instructor.

RDNG 4240 - Literacy in Grades K-4 (3)
(ELED). Offers a socio-constructivist perspective on theory and pedagogy as related to materials and methods of teaching; assessing listening, speaking. beginning reading and writing, and thinking. Field Hours: Additional field experiences hours required.

RDNG 4241 - Literacy in Grades 4-8 (3)
(ELED). Instructional strategies and assessment procedures relevant to the acquisition of reading, speaking, listening, writing, and thinking skills for students in the middle grades. Field hours required. PREREQUISITE: Admission to TEP and RDNG 4240.