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"Most proud of my accomplishment of graduating with a degree in accounting in three years with Summa Cum Laude and Honors."

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Sport and Leisure Management

Department of Health and Sport Sciences
Richard Bloomer, Ph.D., Chair
Room 106, Elma Neal Roane Fieldhouse

In addition to the courses below, the department may offer the following Special Topics courses:

SLS 4590-99. Special Topics in Sport and Leisure Management. (3). May be repeated for a maximum of 12 hours credit when topic varies.

SLS 1005 - Condtn/Leadership:Vars Sports (2)
(Same as PHED 1005) Open only to varsity athletes, cheerleaders, and members of the pom pon squad. May be repeated for credit. (S/U)

SLS 2105 - Foundation/Sport/Leisure Mgt (4)
Overview of sport and leisure from philosophical, historical, and organizational perspectives. Further emphasizes the role of sport and leisure programs in communities, schools, commercial settings, and industrial settings, while also providing an introduction to professional and career development. Includes a 40 contact hour field experience.

SLS 2605 - Field Experience in SLS (1-9)
Allows students entering Sport and Leisure Studies program early, supervised practical experiences in a variety of sport and leisure service areas. (S/U).

SLS 3005 - Computer Applctn Sport/Leisure (3)
History and application of computers and information systems; emphasis on hardware and software relevant to sport and leisure programs as well as applications of common computer programs to specific leisure service and sport management situations.

SLS 3103 - Outdoor Rec/Ed Urban America (3)
Analysis of concepts and issues associated with outdoor recreation and education with an emphasis on urban citizen; outdoor recreation behavior in terms of individual dynamics of participation, resources for outdoor recreation, outdoor education, and outdoor leadership; achieves balance among practical information, theory, and information from current research.

SLS 3104 - Commercial Rec and Tourism (3)
Survey of urban commercial recreation with special emphasis on travel and tourism; sport and athletics, theaters, fitness centers, amusement and theme parks, aquatic areas, risk recreation, and historical areas, as well as the travel and tourism industry. PREREQUISITE: SLS 2105.

SLS 3105 - Sport/Leisure as Pop Culture (3)
The analysis of the production and consumption of sport and leisure as an aspect of contemporary popular culture; relationship between sport and leisure and the economy, the media, politics, and the experience of class, race, gender, ethnicity, and nationality. PREREQUISITE or COREQUISITE: SLS 2105.

SLS 3202 - Park/Recreation Resource Mgmt (3)
Management, operation, and maintenance of areas and facilities within field of recreation and parks; identification, acquisition, allocation, development, and management of land and water resources through environmentally sound techniques.

SLS 3204 - Org Analysis Sport/Leisure (3)
Analysis of the organization and administration of sport and leisure service organizations; organizational structuring; goals, objectives, and policy development; planning process; personnel development; risk management; conflict resolution as applied to sport and leisure services. PREREQUISITE: SLS 2105.

SLS 3205 - Venue Planning and Management (3)
Principles of planning areas and facilities for sports and recreation are explored. Design and construction of specific sport and recreation facilities, approaches to standards and regional planning will be discussed. Problems, funding issues, maintenance, use, and trends of sport and recreation facilities will be analyzed.

SLS 3305 - Leisure/Recreation Prog Devlp (3)
Planning techniques in regard to citizen surveys, leisure and recreation needs analysis, leisure and recreation activity selection, and leisure and recreation program design, promotion, and evaluation.

SLS 3600 - Event Management (3)
Basic concepts pertaining to production of sporting events, both amateur and professional; planning, organizing, publicizing, and conducting an event.

SLS 3605 - Financial Management SLS (3)
Basic finance and accounting applied to managerial control of sport and leisure organizations; feasibility analysis, formulation and development of operating budgets, financial forecasting, ownership models, taxation issues, and revenue production. PREREQUISITE: SLS 2105.

SLS 3650 - Promotions in Sport & Leisure (3)
Basic knowledge and understanding of promotions and public relations in both amateur and professional sport; special emphasis is placed on building and maintaining an effective promotional campaign in the sport and leisure industry, which includes strategies for sponsorships, ticket sales, social media, and community relations. PREREQUISITE: SLS 2105.

SLS 3905 - Leisure/Recr Disabilities (3)
Examination of role of leisure and recreation for persons with special needs including individuals with physical, emotional, mental, and social disabilities.

SLS 4001 - Park/Rec Visitor Mgmt (3)
Visitor management as it relates to design and management of visitor interpretive and educational services; attended and unattended services including interpretive talks, living interpretation, audio devices, self-guided tours, exhibits, and educational publications. This course may be taken to improve the grade for one, but not both, of the former courses.

SLS 4105 - Leadership in Leisure Services (3)
Concepts of leisure leadership through group discussion, activity, role-playing, gaming, lecture, and class projects.

SLS 4125 - Gender/Race/Class Urb Sp/Lei (3)
Socially constructed categories of class, race, and gender, and their influence on perceptions of the body; way these categories shape institutionalization, practice, and representation of sport and leisure is discussed with an emphasis on promoting unbiased and non-prejudicial sport and leisure cultures. PREREQUISITE: SLS 3105, or permission of the instructor.

SLS 4135 - Sport/Culture Global Perspect (3)
Nature, meaning, and significance of sport, leisure, and popular culture across selected nations. Identification and systematic analysis of persistent problems in American sport and popular culture as well as cultural interstices in emerging global village; cultural conflict, cultural resistance, and cultural imperialism. PREREQUISITE: SLS 2105. PREREQUISITE: Social Sciences requirement, SLS 3105, or permission of instructor.

SLS 4141 - Chronology of Sport (3)
Historical development of sport from either a general or sport-specific perspective including the growth of competition, the rise of sport(s), management of sport, changing function of sport, chronicles of sport as business and history of the relationship between sport and other institutions. May be repeated for a maximum of 9 hours credit when change of topic.

SLS 4155 - Sport/Leisure Governance (3)
Development and enforcement of policy by and within governing bodies and systems specifically for local, national, and international sport and leisure organizations. PREREQUISITE: SLS 3204 or permission of instructor.

SLS 4165 - Sport/Global City (3)
Synergies and disjunctures between the U.S. and global sport and leisure marketplace. PREREQUISITE or COREQUISITE: SLS 3105, or permission of instructor.

SLS 4175 - Internationl Persp Sport Mgmt (3)
Management of sport and leisure organizations in a global context.

SLS 4205 - Legal Aspects SLM (3)
Overview of the legal system?s role in the provision of sport products and services. This course provides a basic understanding of the legal system, constitutional law, negligence law, risk management, intentional torts and criminal acts, antitrust and labor law, contract law, intellectual property law, and gender discrimination legislation and statutes. PREREQUISITE: SLS 2105 or permission of instructor.

SLS 4500 - Sport/Leisure Mktg (3)
Basic marketing concepts with applications to the uniqueness of the sport and leisure industry; event marketing, sponsorship, licensing, sport information and public relations. PREREQUISITE: SLS 2105, SLS 3105.

SLS 4509 - Christianity Culture Sport/Rec (3)
Phenomenon of the Christian Sport and Recreation Ministry; church sport and recreation programs; facilities and career opportunities; reasons church settings provide sport and leisure; philosophy, values, and objectives of having such programs. Includes field trips to a variety of church sport and recreation facilities.

SLS 4605 - Senior SLM Capstone Experience (3-12)
Supervised professional work experience in the sport industry through positions in professional and intercollegiate sports, arenas, sport marketing and management firms, community and faith-based organizations, and other sport entities. Analysis paper and oral presentation required. Represents a culminating experience and can only be conducted when all other core coursework is complete. PREREQUISITE: senior status and permission of advisor and coordinator of internships.