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Special Education

Department of Instruction and Curriculum Leadership
Dr. Angiline (Angie) Powell, Interim Chair
Room 406 E. C. Ball Hall

In addition to the courses below, the department may offer the following Special Topics courses:
SPED 4101-10. Special Topics in Special Education. (1-3). Investigation in selected areas of special education. Topics are varied and in online class listings.

SPED 4801-10. Workshop in Special Education (1-9). For professionals in field of special education. Intensive examination of current methodologies, research, issues and trends in various areas of exceptionalities. See online class listings for specific workshop title.

SPED 2000 - Foundation/Exceptional Learn (3)
Current research and practices concerning physical, cognitive, emotional, and social characteristics of individuals with exceptionalities; special education laws, educational needs, cultural diversity, inclusion in general education classroom. Field Hours: Additional field experience hours required.

SPED 2010 - Intro to Comm Disorders (3)
Basic principles involved in developing a therapeutic approach to speech/language correction.

SPED 2030 - Speech Language Phonetics (3)
International Phonetics Alphabet and the principles of effective voice usage; emphasis on improving voice, diction, and diction characteristics through exercises in projection, articulation, and pronunciation. PREREQUISITE: admission to TEP.

SPED 2060 - Speech Therapy/Public School (3)
Role and responsibilities of speech teacher; legislative foundation of special education with emphasis on the IEP process and procedures. PREREQUISITE: admission to TEP.

SPED 3002 - Indep Study Special Educ (1-6)
Opportunity for self-directed study and/or research under supervision. PREREQUISITE: consent of department.

SPED 3201 - Behv Supt Stdnt Diverse Set (3)
Identification and education of students with behavioral excesses, including those who have been certified as seriously emotionally disturbed; causative factors, characteristics, appropriate educational placement alternatives and practices. Practicum (30 hrs.) with students with emotional/behavioral disorders and/or pervasive developmental disorders. PREREQUISITE: SPED 2000.

SPED 3310 - Disorders of Speech (3)
This course will provide students with some of the basic principles involved in developing a therapeutic approach ot speech correction. Eight (8) hours of field experience. PREREQUISITE: admission to TEP.

SPED 3401 - Academic Support Diverse Lrns (3)
Historical and current practices in providing services for students with learning disabilities and related learning problems; characteristics, current research-based instructional practices; special education teacher's role in implementing support services. Practicum (30 hrs.) with students with learning disabilities. PREREQUISITE: SPED 2000.

SPED 3410 - Disorders of Language (3)
Study of language disorders as reflected in deficiencies of symbolization and syntax. This course applies the theories of child development, speech and hearing science, and language development to provide intervention for children with language impairments. Eight (8) hours of field experience. PREREQUISITE: admission to TEP.

SPED 3420 - Intro to Audiology (3)
Introduction to the study of anatomy, physiology and pathologies of the auditory system which focuses on the theory and practice of results. PREREQUISITE: admission to TEP.

SPED 3440 - Non Verbal Comm/Stdnt Disablty (3)
Introduction to Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) systems to provide opportunities to learn about communication techniques for students with severe speech and language impairments, hearing loss, physical disabilities, and cognitive impairments. Cultural differences in communication will also be discussed.

SPED 3501 - Suprt Stdnt/Mental Retardation (3)
Definitions, etiology, and characteristics associated with mild to severe mental retardation; examination of evaluation, services and strategies used in educational, prevocational, and transitional settings; access and use of assistive technology. Practicum (30 hrs.) with students with mental retardation. PREREQUISITE: SPED 2000.

SPED 3610 - Speech Therapy Methods (3)
Study of traditional and current approaches and instructional strategies for teaching preschool and school age learners with speech and language and hearing impairments.

SPED 3800 - Methods I/Instruct/Literacy (3)
Study of current best practices and methods for general and literacy instruction used in special education and inclusive classrooms. Field Hours: Additional field experience hours required. PREREQUISITE: SPED 2000.

SPED 3801 - Practicum/Inclusive Settings (2-3)
Planning and implementation of special education methods and materials with learners having mild disabilities. Practicum: 90 hours. COREQUISITE: SPED 3800, 3804.

SPED 3802 - Ed Assessment/Inclusive Set (3)
Tests and measurements used with learners having disabilities; diagnostic achievement testing as related to instructional planning. Includes other major assessment instruments and procedures used in evaluation of mild to severe exceptionalities. Field Hours: Additional field experience hours required. PREREQUISITE: SPED 2000 and Admission to TEP.

SPED 3803 - Classroom/Behavior Management (3)
Advanced strategies for managing social behaviors of learners with mild to severe disabilities; techniques for eliminating maladaptive behaviors, managing aggressive and antisocial students, and teaching appropriate social skills. Field Hours: Additional Field experience hours required. PREREQUISITE: SPED 2000.

SPED 3804 - SPED Methods II. Content Area (3)
Study of best practices and methods for mathematics, social studies, and science instruction currently used in special education and inclusive settings; curriculum for transition and daily living skills; assistive technology for education. Field Hours: Additional field experience hours required.

SPED 4000 - Meth/Mat Modrt/Severe Dis (3)
Curriculum, methods, and materials applicable to special educational needs of learners with moderate to severe disabilities; emphasis on educational and vocational skills that facilitate normalization and independent living. PREREQUISITE: SPED 3800, 3801. COREQUISITE: SPED 4001.

SPED 4001 - Modrt/Sevr Dsblty Practicum (3)
Planning and implementation of special education methods and materials with learners having moderate to severe disabilities. PREREQUISITE: SPED 3800, 3801. COREQUISITE: SPED 4000. (S/U).

SPED 4010 - Anatomy/Physiology Spch/Hear (3)
This course will provide functional background in the anatomy and physiology of hearing, speech, and swallowing, which will allow the student to communicate with speech-language pathologists and related professionals in public school setting.

SPED 4020 - Language/Comm/Diverse Classrm (3)
Instruction for students with typical and exceptional communication needs; interpreting speech/language assessment reports and designing instruction; use of augmentative and alternative communication devices and working with non-native English speaking students. Field Hours: Additional field experience hours required. PREREQUISITE: SPED 2000 and Admission to TEP.

SPED 4050 - Diagnostic Proc/Therapy Technq (3)
Designed to develop proficiency in administering and interpreting diagnostic procedures in speech and language disorders with specific methods and materials for remediation. PREREQUISITE: admission to TEP.

SPED 4111 - Intro/Appl Behav Analysis (3)
Principles and procedures of applied behavior analysis with emphasis on application to change human behavior.

SPED 4112 - Assess/Measure/Appl Behav Anly (3)
Methods involved in conducting and interpreting common behavioral assessments, measuring behavior, and data analysis using single subject designs.

SPED 4113 - Appl Behav Intervent/Strateg (3)
Overview of the instructional strategies developed from applied behavior analysis including Direct Instruction, Precision Teaching, Discrete Trial Training, and others; knowledge and skills to provide effective instruction to students with disabilities.

SPED 4114 - Practitioner Issues/ABA (3)
Advanced concepts in Applied Behavior Analysis; ethical issues, behavior change systems, staff training, and professional conduct.

SPED 4513 - Assistive Tech/Trans Instruc (3)
Transition issues, life skills, vocational education to prepare students having significant exceptionalities for community living; legal and family concerns; effective transition programming; familiarity with available community resources and interagency collaboration; augmentative/alternative communication. PREREQUISITE: SPED 3501 or 4900.

SPED 4601 - Student Phys/Health Dis (3)
(3601). Educational and environmental modifications; accommodations to facilitate learning and vocational skills in general and special education; characteristics and etiology of mild to severe physical/health disabilities; supportive educational, medical, therapeutic interventions. Practicum (30 hrs.) with students with physical/health disabilities. PREREQUISITE: SPED 2000.

SPED 4900 - Consultation Schl/Fmly/Cmty (3)
Professional development issues which impact on educator interaction with students, parents and other professionals, including the development of communication and consultation skills. Practicum included.