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"To work with a non-profit organization that will allow me to utilize my servant leadership skills and caring ability to further enhance the socioeconomic needs of both domestic and foreign citizens."

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P.K. Jain, Ph.D.,Interim Chair
Room 402, FCBE Administration Building

Students must have earned a minimum of 45 credit hours and have met specific course prerequisites with a minimum grade of “C” to be eligible for all 3000 and 4000 level courses. In addition to these requirements, students seeking a degree in the Fogelman College of Business and Economics must have (1) completed all required lower division business courses with a minimum grade of “C” in each; (2) minimum of 2.25 GPA (2.5 for accounting majors) in all required lower division business courses and MATH 1830, 1421, or 1910, and (3) 45 hours of course work including MATH 1830, 1421, or 1910, COMM 2381 and 9 hours of English (See B.B.A. Degree Requirements-General Requirements).

A surcharge of $35 per credit hour for 3000 and 4000 level courses and $35 per credit hour for 6000-9000 level courses has been approved by the Tennessee Board of Regents. The purpose of the surcharge on these business courses is to guarantee the continuous improvement of the college and compliance with the standards of the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business International (AACSB International).

In addition to the courses below, the department may offer the following Special Topics courses:
FIR 4110-19. Special Topics. (3). Current topics in one of following areas: Finance, Insurance, Real Estate, or Business Law. Topics are varied and in online class listings. May be repeated once with change in topic area. PREREQUISITE: permission of instructor.

FIR 1220 - Personal Financial Management (3)
(2220). Non-technical course covering areas of personal budgeting, borrowing and credit, insurance, home ownership, investment, taxes, entrepreneurship, and family financial planning.

FIR 3220 - Personal Investing (3)
Assists individual investors of all backgrounds in development and monitoring of an investment portfolio by explaining possible investment alternatives including terminology and analysis techniques to fulfill future financial goals. NOTE: Open to all University students.

FIR 3310 - Real Estate Principles (3)
Basic terminology, principles and issues; market analysis, real estate law, instruments, legal descriptions, appraisal, investment, finance, brokerage, property management. Designed for non-real estate majors as well as a foundation for further study.

FIR 3410 - Financial Management (3)
Fundamentals of financial management; time value of money, identifying financial risk, valuation of bonds and stock, cost of capital and capital budgeting. PREREQUISITE: ACCT 2010, ECON 2020, and either SCMS 2710 or MATH 1530.

FIR 3710 - Investments (3)
Principles of investment in stocks and bonds. Includes fundamental, economic, and technical analysis; measurable and unmeasurable aspects of risk; portfolio management; psychological aspects of the market. PREREQUISITE: FIR 3410.

FIR 3720 - Financial Markets (3)
Survey of important funds markets, institutions and characteristics peculiar to them; sources of supply of and demand for funds in each market, and complex interrelations among several markets analyzed. PREREQUISITE: FIR 3410.

FIR 3810 - Principles of Risk/Insurance (3)
Nature and handling of risk in personal and business situations; emphasis on property, liability and life exposures to loss. Designed for non-insurance major as well as a basis for advanced study.

FIR 4011 - Retirement and Estate Planning (3)
Survey of law of taxation as applied to transmission of property by gift or death and its impact upon accumulations of wealth; estate planning from individual viewpoint designed to create, maintain, and distribute maximum estate possible.

FIR 4110 - CFP Capstone (3)
Course applies to previous financial planning techniques in a case study manner.

FIR 4310 - Real Estate Law (3)
Law and legal instruments as applied to real estate; needs of property owners and those engaged in real estate business.

FIR 4320 - Real Estate Finance (3)
Terminology, legislation, principles, and analytical techniques pertaining to financing of real estate; perspective of lender, residential borrower, and income property borrower.

FIR 4331 - Stock Portfolio Mgmt (3)
Development and monitoring of investment portfolio by explaining possible investment alternatives; terminology and analysis techniques necessary to fulfill future financial goals. Undergraduate students will assist graduate students in managing a real equity portfolio of $500,000.

FIR 4340 - Real Estate Appraisal (3)
Basic terminology, principles, procedures, and issues; nature of value, principles of value, appraisal process, market approach, cost approach, capitalization of income approach, gross rent multiplier approach, and appraisal reports.

FIR 4350 - Real Estate Investment (3)
Principles and practices reviewed and evaluated; investment strategy, ownership forms, tax implications, cash flow analysis, measures of return, risk management, and property selection.

FIR 4440 - Intermediate Managerial Fin (3)
Analytical approaches to firm's financial decisions; current asset management, capital budgeting, cost of capital, capital structure determination, and dividend policy. PREREQUISITE: FIR 3410.

FIR 4550 - International Finance (3)
Financing international trade and investments; foreign exchange markets and exchange rates; balance of payments; current developments in international financial cooperation. PREREQUISITE: FIR 3410.

FIR 4610 - Cases Managerial Finance (3)
Application of tools and principles introduced in previous courses to develop up-to-date problem solving techniques; cases approached from standpoint of top level management and utilize both quantitative and qualitative analysis. PREREQUISITE: FIR 4440.

FIR 4710 - Commercial Banking (3)
Study of bank management and bank regulation; examination of conditions and regulations affecting banking decisions; exploration of current theories of profitable bank operations. PREREQUISITE: FIR 3410.

FIR 4720 - Mgmt of Financial Institutns (3)
Study of management of institutions considering current economic environments, financial policies, risk management and decision-making worldwide; consistent with existing standards of profitability, liquidity and solvency. PREREQUISITE: FIR 3410.

FIR 4721 - Financial Derivative Markets (3)
(3770). Introduction to futures, options, forwards, and swaps (widely used by investment firms and corporations to manage financial risks), with primary emphasis on their practical application in financial and commodity markets. PREREQUISITE: FIR 3710.

FIR 4730 - Financial Anlys/Certification (3)
Preparation for financial market careers; development of personal financial planning and investment portfolio management skills; preparation for CFP and CFA certifications. PREREQUISITE: FIR 3710.

FIR 4770 - Security Analysis/Port Mgmt (3)
Development of techniques for finding actual worth of securities, primarily stocks and bonds; selection, timing, diversification, and other aspects of supervising investment funds. PREREQUISITE: FIR 3710.

FIR 4810 - Prop & Liability Insurance I (3)
Forms and functions of fire, marine, automobile, general liability and other types of property and liability insurance; emphasis on business and industrial applications.

FIR 4820 - Life and Health Insurance (3)
Functions of life and health insurance; emphasis on economic security needs, human behavior and the problems related to death and dying; individual life, health and annuity contracts and social insurance; concepts in risk selections and regulation.

FIR 4870 - Risk Management (3)
Addresses problems faced by risk managers encompassing traditional aspects of risk management and insurance including insurance, reinsurance, hedging and capital markets as tools to manage or mitigate risk. PREREQUISITE: FIR 3410.

FIR 4910 - Independent Study in FIR (1-3)
Student will carry on approved research projects in the major area under supervision of staff members. PREREQUISITE: senior standing and permission of department chair.

FIR 4911 - Internship in FIR (1-6)
Internship in business organization to gain on-the-job experience in real-life environment. Project to be approved and supervised by department faculty. Credit allowed only after acceptance of report. PREREQUISITE: FIR 3410, 2.75 overall GPA and completed 15 hours in Upper Division core.

FIR 4996 - Senior Honors Thesis (3)
Independent research open only to those students enrolled in the honors program. Thesis supervised by area faculty member. PREREQUISITE: senior standing and permission of the Director of the College Honors Program.