Department of Marketing and Supply Chain Management
Marla Royne Stafford, Ph.D., Chair
Room 302 FCBE Administration Building

Students must have earned a minimum of 45 credit hours and have met specific course prerequisites with a minimum grade of “C” to be eligible for all 3000 and 4000 level courses. In addition to these requirements, students seeking a degree in the Fogelman College of Business and Economics must have (1) completed all required lower division business courses with a minimum grade of “C” in each; (2) minimum of 2.25 GPA (2.5 for accounting majors) in all required lower division business courses and MATH 1830, 1421, or 1910, and (3) 45 hours of course work including MATH 1830, 1421, or 1910, COMM 2381 and 9 hours of English (See B.B.A. Degree Requirements-General Requirements).

A surcharge of $30 per credit hour for 3000 and 4000 level courses and $30 per credit hour for 6000-9000 level courses has been approved by the Tennessee Board of Regents. The purpose of the surcharge on these business courses is to guarantee the continuous improvement of the college and compliance with the standards of the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business International (AACSB International).

SCMS 2610 - Intro/Supply Chain Mgmt (3)
(MKTG 2610, 3610). Purchasing and supply management; operations management; transportation and logistics.

SCMS 2710 - Business Analytics -Statistics (3)
(ISDS). Focus on critical thinking; introduction to business statistics methods and software for the collection, summarization, analysis and interpretation of business data for managerial decision making; methods include descriptive statistics, numerical and graphical, sampling techniques and sampling distributions, basic concepts of probability, and hypothesis testing. PREREQUISITE: MATH 1830 or 1910 or 1421.

SCMS 3510 - Operations Management (3)
(ISDS). Operations as a key element of organizational strategy from a competitive viewpoint. Integration of various techniques to facilitate solution to productivity and quality issues in both manufacturing and service industries using multifunctional approaches in the creation of goods and services. PREREQUlSlTE: SCMS 3711.

SCMS 3620 - Logistics Management (3)
(MKTG). Analysis of logistics activities, distribution network alternatives, and customer service aspects; examination of freight traffic function within firm's logistics system, analysis of rate and classification systems, and carrier selection; evaluation of logistics procedures and strategies and their appropriateness to different industries. PREREQUISITE: SCMS 2610.

SCMS 3650 - Supply Management (3)
(MKTG). Role of purchasing function within organization; purchasing process; procurement and commodity strategy; insourcing/outsourcing; supplies evaluation and selection; supplier management and development; global sourcing; cost and price analysis; negotiation; contract management; new product development. PREREQUISITE: SCMS 2610.

SCMS 3711 - Business Analytics - Tools (3)
(ISDS). Focus on critical thinking; introduction to predictive and prescriptive analytics methods and software for analysis and interpretation of common business decisions; regression, time series, and big-data analyses; linear and network models; waiting line systems and computer simulation modeling. PREREQUISITE: SCMS 2710 or MATH 1530.

SCMS 4510 - Operations Planning & Control (3)
(ISDS). Continuation of SCMS 3510. Focus on planning and management of material flows in internal and external supply chains for effectively delivering value to the customer. PREREQUISITE: SCMS 3510.

SCMS 4511 - Supply Chain Strategy (3)
(ISDS). Comprehensive study of development, execution and measurement of integrated supply chain management strategies. PREREQUISITE: SCMS 3510, SCMS 2610.

SCMS 4512 - Current Topic/Supply Chain Mgt (3)
(ISDS). Current topics in supply chain management. PREREQUISITE: SCMS 2610, or permission of instructor.

SCMS 4810 - Problems/Supply Chain Mgmt (1-6)
(MKTG). Conduct approved research project in supply chain management area under supervision of faculty member. PREREQUISITE: SCMS 2610, junior standing and permission of department chair or Supply Chain Management program coordinator.

SCMS 4811 - Internship/Supply Chain Mgmt (1-6)
(MKTG). Internship in business organization to gain on-the-job experience. Internship to be approved and supervised by supply chain management faculty member. Credit allowed only after acceptance of student's written report. PREREQUISITE: 2.75 overall GPA, completion of Lower Division Business Core, SCMS 2610 and permission of chair or Supply Chain Management Program coordinator.

SCMS 4996 - Senior Honors Thesis (3)
Independent research open only to students enrolled in the Honors Program. Thesis supervised by area faculty member. PREREQUISITE: senior standing and permission of the Director of the College Honors Program.