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Charles A. Pierce, Ph.D., Chair
Room 202, FCBE Administration Building

Students must have earned a minimum of 45 credit hours and have met specific course prerequisites with a minimum grade of “C” to be eligible for all 3000 and 4000 level courses. In addition to these requirements, students seeking a degree in the Fogelman College of Business and Economics must have (1) completed all required lower division business courses with a minimum grade of “C” in each; (2) minimum of 2.25 GPA (2.5 for accounting majors) in all required lower division business courses and MATH 1830, 1421, or 1910, and (3) 45 hours of course work including MATH 1830, 1421, or 1910, COMM 2381 and 9 hours of English (See B.B.A. Degree Requirements-General Requirements).

A surcharge of $35 per credit hour for 3000 and 4000 level courses and $35 per credit hour for 6000-9000 level courses has been approved by the Tennessee Board of Regents. The purpose of the surcharge on these business courses is to guarantee the continuous improvement of the college and compliance with the standards of the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business International (AACSB International).

In addition to the courses below, the department may offer the following Special Topics courses:
MGMT 4110-19. Special Topics in Management. (3). Topics varied and in online class listings. PREREQUISITE: permission of instructor.

MGMT 1010 - Intro to Business (2)
Overview of practices applicable for addressing the personal and professional development challenges of business and entrepreneurship; introduction to elementary concepts of business; orientation toward selection of major and information on business career opportunities. NOTE: if taken by students with 50 credit hours or more, credit will not count for the B.B.A. degree.

MGMT 2811 - Field Experience in Business (3)
Faculty-directed field experience; students will work a minimum of 125 hours during the semester with a local organization to develop a business project under the workplace supervisor. Requires end-of-course project reflecting the activities of the experience as well as the learning from participation in a professional development program. Open only to BBA Management or International Business majors. PREREQUISITES: completion of 30 credit hours, minimum cumulative 2.75 GPA, and 9 hours of business courses.

MGMT 2820 - Intro to Entrepreneurship (3)
This course is designed to empower students to think globally; identify distinct competencies locally; develop a personal mission statement; explain individual pathways by some of the leading entrepreneurs; identify opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs; eliminate roadblocks to creativity; create outline to launch your own business.

MGMT 2900 - Experiential Learning Credit (1-9)
A systematic process for evaluating and credentialing learning gained in a variety of contexts. Lower-division credit determined by faculty assessor(s). Prerequisite: Satisfactory completion of the university?s portfolio development course ELC 3900.

MGMT 3110 - Organization and Mgmt (3)
Comprehensive survey of basic management concepts, principles, and function; coverage in planning, organizing, leading and controlling organizational resources to achieve objectives; overview of decision-making within the context of organizational global environment, strategy, organizational structures, culture, human capital, ethics and corporate social responsibility and performance.

MGMT 3215 - Mgmt of Human Resources (3)
Human resources as a strategic competitive advantage; human resource functions including recruiting, staffing, training, development, performance management, total compensation, employee relations, unions, workplace safety and health, and employee retention; impact of legal context on human resources.

MGMT 3510 - Business Communications (3)
Communication theory applied to business and the professions; emphasis on effective writing; employment messages, and selection and use of research sources for written and oral reports; use of technololgy to facilitate the communicaiton process and document preparation; consideration of business ethics, interpersonal, nonberbal and intercultural communication. PREREQUISITE: MIS 2749, or equivalent.

MGMT 3812 - Managing Employee Wellness (3)
Overview of employee wellness programs, their impact on employee retention,productivity, healthcare costs, and other critical organizational outcomes; emphasis on the importance of personal health, legal and human behavior issues of employee wellness program implementation, and the development of an organizational culture of health. PREREQUISITE: MGMT 3110.

MGMT 3900 - Experiential Learning Credit (1-9)
A systematic process for evaluating and credentialing learning gained in a variety of contexts. Upper-division credit determined by faculty assessor(s). Prerequisite: Satisfactory completion of the university?s portfolio development course ELC 3900.

MGMT 4114 - Life Skills-Personal Devlpment (3)
Provide students with a framework for self-motivation and action as well as an understanding of individual impact on others while employing change management strategies.

MGMT 4240 - Compensation Perform Appraisal (3)
Examination of the administration of compensation and performance management systems; use of job descriptions, job analysis, and job evaluation methods; employee benefits administration; global issues in compensation and preformance management. PREREQUISITE: MGMT 3110, 3215, 3510.

MGMT 4251 - Employee Relations (3)
Theories and practices in employee relations and manager's role in building and maintaining positive employee relationships; development of skills in conflict resolution and negotiation in human resource and management context; understanding labor unions, union organizing, and collective bargaining process; examination of ethical and legal issues relevant to employee relations. PREREQUISITE: MGMT 3110, 3215, 3510.

MGMT 4260 - Employee Staff/Train/Develop (3)
Examination of the process of stragegic recruitment, selection, and development of top talent in organizations; understanding and planning for talent needs, use of current recruitment methods and selection techniques of both internal and external talent pools, and the development of internal talent for retention and promotion. Legal context of employment decision-making is emphasized. PREREQUISITE: MGMT 3110, 3215, 3510.

MGMT 4420 - Orgnztl Behavior in Business (3)
Evidence-based learning of individual and group behavior and processes in order to improve organizational effectiveness and efficiency; emphasis is placed on the systematic study of personality, work attitudes and motivation, groups and team processes, leadership and organization structure and design. PREREQUISITE: MGMT 3110, 3510.

MGMT 4461 - Managerial Leadership (3)
Examination of leadership in business organizations; critical evaluation of the meaning and practice of leadership; coverage of philosophy, psychology, process and outcomes of leadership; individual perspective of self-leadership. PREREQUISITE: MGMT 3110, 3510.

MGMT 4481 - Teamwork/Group Dyn/Org (3)
Process of group dynamics in organizations and development of groups into high performing teams; emphasis on most effective context for team formation; selection process of team members and roles these members play in team's success; development of individual and team competencies; managing conflict within a team; particular challenges that necessary utilization of virtual and dispersed teams pose to organizational performance. PREREQUISITE: MGMT 3110 and 3510.

MGMT 4510 - Interntl Business Communictn (3)
Importance of business communication in conducting global business effectively; emphasis on organizational and interpersonal communication as well as negotiation skills needed in an integrated world economy; culture-based assumptions, contrasting cultural values, communication and negotiation strategies, verbal and nonverbal patterns, cultural shock, and country specific information. PREREQUISITE: MGMT 3510.

MGMT 4710 - Strategic Mgmt (3)
Advanced problems in determination, execution, and control of strategic management process in light of changing environments in which organizations operate. PREREQUISITE: MGMT 3110, 3510, and senior standing in The Fogelman College of Business and Economics. Enrollment limited to graduating seniors.

MGMT 4810 - International Mgmt (3)
Introduction of management practices, concepts, and functions within the international and cultural environment; conveage of managing within the context of social, cultural, legal, economic, political, and technological constraints; ethics and social responsibility, sustainability, cross-cultural decision making and negotiation, strategy, systems of operation, staffing global operations, organizational structures, and performance. PREREQUISITE: MGMT 3110, 3510.

MGMT 4820 - Entrepreneurship (3)
Initiation process of new business venture. Students participate in individual and team activities to acquaint them with opportunities and skills needed for business initiation and development. PREREQUISITE: MGMT 3110 and 3510, or UNIV 2555.

MGMT 4910 - Management Problems (1-3)
Student conducts approved research projects in his or her major area under supervision of staff members. PREREQUISITE: senior standing and permission of department chair.

MGMT 4911 - Internship In Mgmt (1-6)
Internship in business organization to gain on-the-job experience. Three hours credit normally awarded. Credit is awarded based on learning content of the experience. Placement to be approved and supervised by departmental faculty. Credit allowed upon acceptance of final portfolio. PREREQUISITE: 2.75 overall GPA and completed 15 hours in Upper Division core.

MGMT 4920 - Independ/Stdy Entrepreneurship (1-3)
Student conducts approved research or projects in student's chosen area of entrepreneurial activity under the supervision of a faculty member and, preferably, in consultation with an entrepreneur or team. Related to the independent study, the student must participate in an approved entrepreneurship/incubator/accelerator competition, i.e., held by the Crews Ventures Lab.

MGMT 4921 - Internship in Entrepreneurship (1-6)
Internship in an entrepreneurial setting to gain on-the-job experience. Project to be approved and supervised by departmental faculty. Credit allowed upon acceptance of final portfolio. PREREQUISITE: 2.75 overall GPA and completed 15 hours in upper-division core.

MGMT 4996 - Senior Honors Thesis (3)
Independent research open only to those students enrolled in the Honors Program. Thesis supervised by departmental faculty member. PREREQUISITE: senior standing and permission of the Director of the Honors Program.