Dan Lattimore, Ph.D., Dean
Room 404, Manning Hall

Due to possible changes in graduation requirements, it is the responsibility of the student to see his or her advisor for updates.

In addition to the courses below, the department may offer the following Special Topics courses:
CDFS 4920-29. Special Topics in FCS. (1-3). Lectures and conferences covering selected areas of current interest. See online class listings for topics. May be repeated; credit applicable to degree is limited.
CDFS 4940-49. Workshop in FCS. (1-3). Group study related to specific phases of family and consumer education. May be repeated.

CDFS 2100 - Intro Fld of Chld Dev & Fam St (3)
This course is designed for students to explore the field of child development. Students will visit child care centers, child advocacy agencies and organization whose focus is child life/child intervention. Prerequisite/Corequisite: EDPR 2111.

CDFS 2101 - Family/Global Perspective (3)
(Was CSED). Introduction to family as a primary, global, social institution; contributions sociology, anthropology, have made to understanding how and why family systems vary worldwide and common bonds and problems facing families in modern societies. [G]

CDFS 3401 - Parent Child Relations (3)
(Was CSED). Parental role, parent-child relationship, and factors that influence parenthood.

CDFS 3410 - Soc Emotion Lrng Early Child (3)
Social and emotional development of young children; attachment, cooperation, empathy, grit, perserverance, and problem solving; how teachers in early childhood can foster the development of these skills to build the foundation for success in school and life; theory, research, and practice concerning the development, behavior, and learning of young children.

CDFS 4101 - Int Curr for Early Learners (3)
(Was CSED).Examination of the components of high quality, evidence-based practices to support children's development in early care and Pre-K settings. NOTE: This course is not applicable for teacher licensure.

CDFS 4220 - Understand Chldn/Behv/Guide (3)
(Was CSED). Examination of environments in which children develop; family, school, and culture; environmental issues related to behavior, guidance and discipline, families in transition, environmental stressors, child care, parent invlovement in schools, the media, special needs children, child advocacy/public policy. Discussions will focus on theory, research,and practic concerning the development, behavior, and learning of Pre-K children.

CDFS 4223 - Home/School/Comm Engage (3)
Theoretical approach to understanding, appreciating and supporting diverse families; strategies for collaborating with all families while utilizing community resources to strengthen the home, school and community.

CDFS 4230 - Math/Science Early Learning (3)
Developmental theory and research as related to the cuuiculum areas; foundation for selection and design of curriculum materials and activities appropriate for infant through age four; fundamental concepts and skills for teaching math and science to young children are practiced.

CDFS 4240 - Hosp Chdrn and Their Families (3)
Theories and research about children and their families in the healthcare environment; introduction to the child life profession.

CDFS 4910 - Ethics in Early Care Learning (3)
Overview of historical views on leadership and issues and challenges of leadership in early care and learning. Emphasis on current trends and issues. This course also reviews ethical principles as they relate to children, families, colleagues, and the community and society. PREREQUISITES: CDFS 2100 CDFS 2101 CDFS 3401 CDFS 4101 CDFS 4220 CDFS 4223.