Dan L. Lattimore, Ph.D., Dean
Room 218, John Willard Brister Hall

Additional fees are charged for some University College lecture and laboratory courses. See the online class listings or the Expenses section of the Catalog.

In addition to the courses below, the department may offer the following Special Topics courses:
UNIV 3500-3599. Thematic Studies. (3-9). Interdisciplinary courses about significant problems, themes, or ideas.
UNIV 3700-3739. Special Topics. (1-6). Topics are varied and in online class listings.
UNIV 4500-4599. Advanced Thematic Studies. (3-9). Advanced interdisciplinary courses about significant problems, themes, or ideas.
UNIV 4700-09. Advanced Special Topics. (3-6). Advanced examination of selected topics in online class listings.

UNIV 1005 - Directed Study (1-3)
Directed study at introductory level. Student may seek permission to study under faculty direction in an area not routinely taught. May be repeated for maximum of 6 hours credit. PREREQUISITE: approval of Out-of-Class Learning and Baccalaureate Contracts.

UNIV 1500 - Career Skill Build/Workforce (3)
Basic skill and knowledge needed for the development of personal career goals, communication skills, teamwork, and employment success.

UNIV 2110 - Field Experience (1-6)
Supervised on-site training in basic skills. May be repeated for a maximum of 6 hours credit. PREREQUISITE: Approval of Out-of-Class Learning and Baccalaureate Contracts. (S/U)

UNIV 2555 - Intro Creativity/Innov/Design (3)
In this intensive 3-credit course, students will be introduced to leading-edge concepts related to creativity, innovation, and design, and will apply these concepts to a real-world design challenge resulting in an innovative solution, but more importantly, it is where students learn that failure is the birthplace of brilliance. The centerpiece of the course is an intensive, field-based, hands-on workshop where all concepts are applied.

UNIV 2860 - Cultural Confrontations H/P (3)
Interdisciplinary examination of causes and effects of conflicts between and within cultures. Examines notion of cultural unity, issues of cultural identify, and categories used to construct cultural positions; European, African, Asian, and Native-American cultures studied in order to assess historical and philosophical viewpoints that influence understandings of contemporary society.

UNIV 2900 - Experiential Learning Interm (1-30)
A systematic process for evaluating and credentialing learning gained in a variety of contexts. Upper/lower-division credit determined by faculty assessor.

UNIV 3100 - Seminar Emergency Mgmt (3)
(Same as EMGT 3100, ESCI 3100, PADM 3100). Synthesizing and integrating the various elements of emergency management.

UNIV 3303 - Phil/Theory of Leadership (3)
Formal study of leadership models with opportunity to practice leadership among peers in the ongoing operations of student organizations.

UNIV 3304 - Leadership & Social Change (3)
Importance of being an agent of change in communities, personal concepts of leadership, leaving a legacy for those who come after.

UNIV 3522 - American Cinema (3)
Overview of American film history from silent cinema to the present. Considers the place of Hollywood film in American popular culture, the relation of movie technology to film art, and seeks to develop cinematic literacy and the ability to think critically about popular culture.

UNIV 3526 - War & American Society (3)
Interdisciplinary examination of the concept and effects of war from historical, literary, artistic and philosophical perspectives. Focus on the various ways in which America has dealt with war, from the Revolutionary War to the recent Gulf Conflict, and on the changes in American society that have resulted.

UNIV 3531 - Am Exp: Image/Narrative (3)
Organized around "images" and "narratives"; utilizes a variety of cultural materials to enhance appreciation of the peoples and experiences that define the term "American."

UNIV 3534 - Theatre & Therapy (3)
Traces the therapeutic functions of theater from the ancient practice of shamanistic rituals up to the contemporary applications of psychodrama and drama therapy. Considers the meaning of drama and play in a evolving culture. Practical experience in the therapeutic uses of theater through a series of workshops.

UNIV 3535 - Family Communication (3)
Course offered on campus and online. Provides a framework and perspective for analyzing the family as a communication system. It examines the ways in which members of family systems interact in order to develop, sustain and manage their relationships in an era when family issues are at the forefront of national concerns, particularly in governmental, educational and religious arenas.

UNIV 3540 - Ethics & Professionalism (3)
An analysis of ethical decisions and dilemmas of professional practice. A study of elementary principles of moral philosophy and applying those principles to professional decisions. Learning how to tolerate disagreement, developing respect for ethnic and gender diversity, and gaining a sense of moral responsibility in your professional practice.

UNIV 3542 - Baseball in America (3)
Cultural aspects of baseball in America and impact it has had on society; early history of the game; formation of various leagues; The World Series; racism in the game; game's role in literature, radio, and television.

UNIV 3550 - Clash of Cultures (3)
Multi-leveled, complex, and consequential clashes that have shaped American culture and much of the modern world.

UNIV 3565 - Comparative Christianity (3)
Commonality in Christianity; major turning points in Christian history; the tradition's variety of subgroups, starting with the three great groupings: Eastern Christianity, Roman Christianity, and Protestant Christianity; examination of future of Christianity.

UNIV 3580 - Hebrew and Greek Legacy (3)
Interdisciplinary examination of salient ideas, values, and traditions of ancient Hebraic and Greek cultures, with emphasis on those ideas and values that have most significantly influenced the modern world; understanding of ideas and values enhanced through comparison with selected non-Western traditions. PREREQUISITE: ENGL 1010 and 1020. [G]

UNIV 3581 - Faith/Reason/Imagination (3)
Interdisciplinary examination of religious, rationalist, and aesthetic viewpoints as distinctive ways of understanding what is fundamental to human experience. Exploration of historical development of each of these modes of understanding and examination of tensions that exist among them in modern world. PREREQUISITE: ENGL 1010 and 1020. [G]

UNIV 3585 - Critical Themes Old Testament (3)
Theological themes in the Old Testament; genres, concepts, issues that make up the story of the Hebrew Scriptures and its meaning for complexities in the contemporary world.

UNIV 3590 - New Testament (3)
Main events, background, characters and teaching of the New Testament and how it relates to the Old Testament and to today.

UNIV 3713 - Freedom, Openness, Internet (1)
In-depth exploration of the openness of the internet in both historical and contemporary context.

UNIV 3715 - Religion on Trial (3)
This course is designed to expose students to, and engage them in discussions on some of the contemporary legal issues now, or recently, before the courts which affect religious rights and practices.

UNIV 3740 - Critical Thinking/Professions (3)
Topics include the development of personal and professional life skills; effective communication skills, interview skills, cover letter and resume preparation; proper business etiquette, financial planning; professional working environment.

UNIV 3900 - Experiential Learning Adv (1-30)
A systematic process for evaluating and credentialing learning gained in a variety of contexts. Upper/lower-division credit determined by faculty assessor.

UNIV 4110 - Internship (3-6)
Supervised training in work related to student's educational objectives. PREREQUISITE: approval of Out-of-Class Learning and Baccalaureate Contracts. (S/U).

UNIV 4300 - Lead Training for Student Dev (3)
The primary purpose of the course is to facilitate learning opportunities and experiences which will provide students with the knowledge, attitudes, and skills necessary to become effective student leaders. This class will help students gain a better understanding of the college student experience while also learning about the available resources and services offered here at the UofM.

UNIV 4380 - Independent Study (1-3)
Directed individual study or research. Students who have identified area of study pertinent to their coordinated study program, that is not routinely taught, may pursue the study under direction of faculty member. May be repeated for a maximum of 6 hours credit. PREREQUISITE: approval of Out-of-Class Learning and Baccalaureate Contracts.

UNIV 4506 - The Chinese (3)
Provides an understanding of the people, history, culture, and government of a civilization more than 5,000 years old. Shows the influence ancient Chinese medicine, art and religion has had on the contemporary world and illustrates the way in which China attempts to balance economical and political development with ancient customs, rituals, and beliefs. Also considers the role which China plays in the global economy - now and in the future.

UNIV 4511 - Holocaust Studies (3)
(Same as JDST 4511). Synthesizing knowledge and methodologies from several disciplines; contexts and implications of the Holocaust; encompass periods before, during, and after the event to explore questions of human values and responsibility; research paper, journal, writing for oral presentation and essay exam. Intended for seniors.

UNIV 4518 - Literature Of Americas (3)
Explores the diversity, similarities and universality of the central themes of Spanish- American and African-American fiction.

UNIV 4520 - Mind/Brain/Intelligence (3)
(Same as PSYC 4305). Interdisciplinary studies of cognition, behavior, emotion, intelligence, and brain mechanisms; synthesis of research contributions from cognitive science, neuroscience, artificial intelligence, and philosophy.

UNIV 4527 - The Developing Adult (3)
Early, middle, and late adulthood; social relationships; retirement issues and options; choice in living arrangements; end-of-life concerns.

UNIV 4700 - Czech Culture and History (3)
Study Abroad to the Czech Republic; upon completion of course, students will receive a Teaching English as a Foreign Language certificate.

UNIV 4706 - Managing Software Development (3)
The purpose in this course is to develop skills necessary to be an effective manager of an application software development team. Through this course, the student will become familiar with the process of managing the complete software development process in a business application context. Primary focus will be on the planning and oversight skills associated with managing a team of application developers and the process of defining and completing application development projects. Emphasis will be placed on information-gathering, project design, budgeting, and ongoing oversight. In addition, the student will become familiar with the terminology and product knowledge associated with the complex enterprise-wide software development efforts.

UNIV 4708 - Business Intelligence (3)
Data warehousing, data mining, text and web mining, and reality mining.

UNIV 4810 - Software Project Management (3)
This course focuses on the analysis, design, and implementation of software systems. Other concepts integrated in the course include project metrics, code inspections, testing and maintenance strategies, risk management and professional and ethical responsibilities. This course is intended for students in the BPS Information Technology concentration.

UNIV 4830 - Israeli/Arab Conflict (3)
(Same as JDST 4830). Historical, political, cultural dimensions of tensions that have existed between Israelis and Arabs since the founding of the State of Israel with attention to current situation

UNIV 4995 - Senior Project (3)
Academic research or other creative activity resulting in tangible project to demonstrate synthesis of student's Coordinated Study. PREREQUISITE: senior status.